Recently we discussed what information technology entails and what IT professionals do. Here, we’ll review how to become a web developer.

In this post, we'll explain why you should consider a career as a web developer, what responsibilities you'll likely have while working in the field, why it's critical to get a degree before attempting to break into the industry, what you'll learn when studying for your degree, and tips for increasing the chances that you can launch a successful lifelong career in web development.

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What do Web Developers Actually Do?

Web development may be the job for you if you’re interested in using technology to deliver creative, interesting, informative, or compelling experiences. 

Websites take a lot of work to create, and web developers play arguably the most critical role in the process since they’re responsible for executing website designs. In this role, they work closely with graphic designers, UI/UX experts, project managers, content writers, and marketing professionals to create living, breathing websites.

The most critical task for any web developer is the responsibility of literally building websites and parts of websites using various programming languages like HTML/CSS, JavaScript, or other computer programming languages and content management systems. 

Web developers may also use frameworks (like Bootstrap) and libraries (like React or Vue) to perform this work, but they don’t just build websites, because they’re also responsible for testing them, managing and maintaining them, and updating them with new features and functionalities. 

As a professional web developer, you may be asked to handle tasks like:

  • Building new websites from scratch, and/or managing, maintaining and updating existing websites.
  • Designing and coding interfaces and user experiences.
  • Diagnosing, then fixing bugs, problems, errors, and other issues.
  • Ensuring that code is up to date with the latest web standards.
  • Developing and managing web applications.
  • Collaborating with other team members on digital products and services.

Web developer roles can be incredibly different from each other, depending on your experience level, specific job responsibilities, and whether you work in front-end web development (working on the look and feel of a website) or back-end web development (building databases and behind-the-scenes functionalities). 

Junior web developers might be focused mainly on coding and front-end design tasks, whereas more senior developers tend to spend more time working on back-end development or even managing a team of developers.

Is Becoming a Web Developer a Good Career Option?

Yes, web development is a great career field. With the world increasingly becoming more and more reliant on the Internet and e-commerce solutions, organizations of all types are increasingly in need of web development professionals who can help build and manage their online portals.

There are three compelling reasons to consider getting into this field, including:

  1. The field is growing, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting that employment for this role will rise 13% between 2020 and 2030.
  2. Web developers play an important role in almost any modern business or organization, as they are responsible for the website design, development, and maintenance.
  3. Web developers tend to earn excellent salaries with great compensation packages, making this a great industry for anyone looking to maximize income potential.

This is a great field for anybody interested in working with computers and technology products or platforms, but who wants to use their expertise to build interesting and useful experiences for human users.

What Skills & Abilities are Needed to Become a Successful Web Developer?

To be successful in this role, you’ll need a number of hard and soft skills. The hard skills are the ones that can be learned through training or experience, whereas soft skills are inherent to your personality traits and character attributes.

The following list contains some of the most important qualities for web developers:

  • Strong understanding of HTML/CSS & JavaScript programming language frameworks.
  • Excellent problem-solving abilities.
  • Experience with wireframing tools like Adobe XD.
  • Strong analytical thinking capabilities.
  • Familiarity with UX/UI design principles such as responsive layouts and user journey mapping processes.
  • Good communication and collaboration skills.
  • Strong attention to detail.

While you may not already have all of these skills and abilities, you can develop them by completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology, and CSU Global offers excellent bachelor’s and master’s degrees in this specific field.

Do I Really Need a Degree to Become a Web Developer?

Yes, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, education requirements for web developers and digital designers vary from position to position, but they mention that some employers will prefer candidates who hold a degree in a related field.

To prepare for a career in web development, we suggest getting your Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology as this will provide you with a firm foundation in the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to launch a successful career in the field.

However, IT isn’t the only degree relevant to future web developers, and you could also consider completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, which would help develop your programming knowledge and skills.

What Will I Learn When Studying Information Technology?

When you study information technology at CSU Global, you’ll gain a strong understanding of computers, programming, and other IT tasks needed to develop a successful career as an IT professional.

You can use this experience to launch a career as a web developer, leveraging your abilities to design and build websites, create user interfaces, develop web applications, and manage digital products and services.

You’ll also gain experience using different computer programming languages, and develop your skills in software development, systems administration, and networking.

Our program was designed to provide you with critical work-related skills and will include training on how to:

  • Analyze and understand the needs of software development.
  • Choose the right programming languages and algorithms to make applications that are scalable, efficient, and secure across a wide range of devices.
  • Make sure you know the basics of networking so you can design and deploy sophisticated network solutions.
  • Understand how computers work at both the hardware (microprocessor) and software levels.
  • Use the best project management practices, such as planning, estimating, scheduling, and monitoring progress toward milestones or deliverables with the right tools, to get the job done.

This program is the ideal way to prepare for a successful, lifelong career in any field of information technology, including as a professional web developer.

What Can I Do to Increase My Chances of Success?

If you’re serious about getting a job as a web developer, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of success. 

First, it’s important to have a strong portfolio that showcases your skills and abilities, so while you’re completing your education, make sure to apply what you’re learning by building out websites and/or digital applications to demonstrate your development capabilities. 

Second, networking could help, and even while you’re in school, you may want to consider attending industry events, meetups, or just chatting with other professionals in the field to establish relationships within the industry. 

Third, you can’t just get your degree and then expect things to magically work out, because web development changes over time, so you should plan on becoming a lifelong learner and spending time keeping up to date with the latest trends, technologies, and methods in web development.

Finally, you should consider completing a relevant certification program, as these are designed to boost your resume by sharpening your skills and abilities for completing specific tasks.

According to, ten of the best web development certifications include:

  • Certified Web Professional - Web Developer 
  • Master Certified Web Professional - Designer (CWP)
  • Certified Software Development Professional (CSDP)
  • Javascript Development Certified Professional
  • Web Programming Certificate
  • Certified Web Professional - Application Developer
  • Web Technologies Certificate
  • E-Commerce Developer (ECD)
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) 
  • Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD)

You don’t necessarily need to do anything listed above to launch a career as a web developer, but they could help increases your chances of landing that all-important first job in the field.

Should I Get My Degree Online? 

Regardless of which higher education path you choose to pursue, we certainly suggest getting your degree and credentials online rather than in person.

Studying online offers many benefits compared to in-person learning, but the most important advantage is that it allows you to learn anywhere, any time you want.

Online programs are perfect for busy people who have existing work, family, or other social responsibilities that will need to be balanced against their academic pursuits. 

CSU Global’s fully online programs also provide several other excellent benefits, including:

  • No requirements to show up at set times or in physical locations.
  • Monthly class starts.
  • Accelerated courses.

If you’re serious about launching a career in the competitive field of web development, then you should seriously consider getting your degree online with us.

Why Should I Choose to Study at CSU Global?

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