Recently, we discussed how to start a career in finance, why finance is so important, and why you might want to launch a career in this industry.

Today, we’ll explain how to become a securities, commodities, and financial services sales agent, which is one of the most sought-after jobs in the industry.

This is a great career option if you have a passion for sales and marketing, and relationship building, especially if you possess an entrepreneurial spirit.

This guide will cover what you’ll be doing each day as a securities, commodities, and financial services sales agent, what you need to know to get a job in the field, and why you’d want to work in the industry in the first place.

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What Does a Securities, Commodities, and Financial Services Sales Agent Actually Do?

Two of the most common job titles for securities, commodities, and financial services sales agents are “stock broker” or “securities broker,” so we’ll use those interchangeably throughout the rest of this post.

With that said, these professionals are responsible for advising their clients on appropriate investment options, based on the client’s goals and risk tolerance.

This is a challenging industry, as the role requires you to be capable of handling complex tasks like:

  • Monitoring financial markets and helping clients determine which investment classes and specific assets are the best possible investment options.
  • Analyzing company values and business prospects to estimate what rate of return investments will yield in varying time frames.
  • Contacting prospective clients, explaining investment products, and answering any questions they may have.
  • Providing recommendations on specific investments, and following industry news, especially concerning things like mergers, acquisitions, and public offerings for various companies.
  • Buying and selling securities or commodities for clients.

Because this role requires presenting complex financial information to clients who may not have even a remote understanding of financial metrics and best practices, you’ll need to develop a robust understanding of the factors involved in valuing specific securities and commodities.

You’ll also need to be capable of presenting that information in a clear, concise, and convincing way so that you can recommend clients invest in particular opportunities that you’ve chosen for them.

To develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to succeed in this complex role, you should consider first completing a degree in a field like finance, which is the best way to gain the experience and knowledge you’ll need to become a professional financial services sales agent.

Is This a Good Career Option?

Yes, becoming a securities, commodities, and financial services sales agent is an excellent career option for anyone looking to do interesting and important work in a challenging environment.

There are many reasons to consider getting into this industry, but three of the most compelling include:

  1. Playing a critical role in helping clients build value. As a financial services sales agent, you’ll be responsible for helping clients build equity by buying and selling different securities and other financial assets at the right time.
  2. Increasing demand for skilled professionals. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment for this position is expected to grow by 4% between 2020 and 2030.
  3. This is also a well-paid position, with the BLS reporting the median annual salary for the role was $62,910 as of 2021.

This is a great role for someone interested in numbers, but who also likes working with people, as it provides the chance to do both types of work. 

However, due to the critical nature of the role, and considering you’ll be responsible for guiding people’s financial decisions, it’s a job that you probably won’t be able to get without first earning a degree in a related field.

Do I Need a Degree to Get a Job in This Industry?

Yes, you will almost certainly need a degree to get a job in the field, as this is a role where mistakes can be extremely costly, so you’ll need strong academic credentials in order to be considered for the job.

According to the BLS, the typical entry-level education requirement is a bachelor’s degree, but you may also want to consider obtaining a master’s degree to help improve your marketability for the best jobs in the field.

In this role, you will be asked to steer clients towards making sound financial decisions, including lucrative investment strategies, so ensuring that you’ve got the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to provide proper guidance should be viewed as an important prerequisite to applying for jobs in this field.

When it comes to choosing the right finance program, CSU Global offers two excellent options, with our entirely online Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Finance.

Which Degree Should I Get?

You should get the degree that allows you to accomplish your long-term career goals.

To decide whether they require a bachelor’s or master’s degree, think about what you want to do in the field of finance, and consider whether you want to just break into the field with an entry-level position, or you want to pursue a more leadership or senior-level role in the industry.

If you’re just looking to get your foot in the door, or if you haven’t yet earned a bachelor’s degree in any topic, then you’ll want to consider pursuing our Bachelor’s Degree in Finance.

But if you’re aiming for a job in management, or in some other senior-level capacity, then our Master’s Degree in Finance may be a more appropriate fit.

If you’re having trouble deciding which degree to pursue, please reach out to one of our enrollment counselors, who can help you make the right decision.

What Can I Do With a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance?

Finishing your Bachelor’s Degree in Finance will allow you to launch a successful career in the industry, allowing you to pursue a career as a securities, commodities, and financial services sales agent, or any other entry-level or mid-level job, including roles like:

However, keep in mind that this is only a small sample of the jobs you will be qualified for after completing a Bachelor’s in Finance, as the skills and abilities you will develop will be applicable to a wide variety of different job titles.

What Can I Do With a Master’s Degree in Finance?

Completing a Master’s Degree in Finance will provide you with the educational background needed to pursue higher-level positions in finance, including advanced jobs like:

After completing your Master’s Degree in Finance, you’ll have developed an excellent understanding of best practices and strategies, as well as leadership principles, and you’ll be uniquely qualified for positions in management or leadership roles.

If your goal is to become a leader in the field, then earning your Master’s Degree in Finance may be the perfect way to get started on achieving that objective.

Is a Degree in Finance Really Worth It?

Yes, obtaining a Degree in Finance is well worth the investment in time and energy that it requires.

First, getting your degree in finance will provide you with the academic credentials needed to break into this competitive industry.

Next, the knowledge, skills, and abilities that you develop in your degree program will provide you with the technical know-how and experience you need to succeed, no matter what role in the industry you choose to pursue.

In this way, your degree will set you up for success, increasing the odds that you’re able to build a lifelong career in the field.

While completing a degree in finance may require a great deal of hard work and dedication, the opportunities that it will create for you should be well worth the investment.

If you’re serious about becoming a securities, commodities, and financial services sales agent, then there’s no better way to prepare for the job than earning a degree in finance.

Should I Get My Degree in Finance Online?

Yes, no matter which degree you decide to pursue, you should certainly consider studying online instead of in-person.

Choosing to study at CSU Global, a widely respected and regionally accredited online university, ensures that you’ll be able to get your degree without having to sacrifice other important commitments, like work and family responsibilities.

By studying with us, you’ll get to take advantage of several excellent benefits introduced by our entirely online programs, including:

  • No requirements to show up at set times or in physical locations.
  • Monthly class starts.
  • Accelerated courses.

Our degree programs were specifically designed to support the needs of individuals who already have busy schedules and who can’t afford to put the rest of their life on pause, but who want to pursue new academic credentials.

If you’ve always wanted to improve your education, but you’ve been hesitant to start because of the inflexibility of in-person learning, then make sure to give a second thought to the process and consider studying online with us.

Why Should I Study Finance at CSU Global?

Our 100% online Finance Degrees will provide you with everything you need to become a successful securities, commodities, and financial services sales agent, including the confidence, skills, and foundational knowledge required for this challenging role.

Both of these programs are regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, and our master’s program is also accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

Reasons to Choose our B.S in Finance Program

Our online Bachelor’s Degree in Finance will provide you with the knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience needed to:

  • Create accurate financial models.
  • Value assets and securities.
  • Analyze various financial risks.
  • Utilize appropriate financial strategies and forecasting methods.

This knowledge will ensure that you’re ready to meet the challenges you’ll face selling securities, commodities, and financial services so that you can enter this field with confidence.

Reasons to Choose Our M.S in Finance Program

Our online Master’s Degree in Finance will provide you with much more advanced knowledge of financial matters, ensuring you’ve developed the detailed knowledge and skills needed for more senior-level roles in the industry.

Our M.S. program holds several excellent rankings, including:

  • A #1 ranking on 25 Best Online Master’s in Finance for 2020, Best Masters Programs.
  • A #1 ranking on Best Online Master's in Finance Programs of 2022, Intelligent.
  • A #6 ranking on Best Online Finance Degree Programs of 2022, Intelligent.

Graduates from the program also report excellent results from the job market, with alumni reporting a median salary that is 6% higher than the national average for all master’s degree holders (BLS, 2019).

You can be sure that your degree from CSU Global will be respected in the job market, as we currently hold several impressive rankings, including:

  • A #1 ranking for Best Online Colleges & Schools in Colorado from Best Accredited Colleges.
  • A #1 ranking for Best Online Colleges in Colorado from Best Colleges.
  • A #10 ranking for Best Online Colleges for ROI from OnlineU.

Finally, we offer competitive tuition rates and a Tuition Guarantee to ensure that your tuition rate won’t increase as long as you remain enrolled with us. 

To get additional details about our 100% online, fully-accredited Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, or our Master’s Degree in Finance please give us a call at (800) 462-7845, or fill out our Information Request Form

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