How to Ace Your Second Interview

By Alana Frazier - July 1st, 2020

How to Ace Your Second Interview

You’ve read up on tips on how to make a great first impression, and you’ve been invited back for a second interview. Great! Now what? 

More often than not, companies will conduct at least two interviews before deciding which candidate is right for the role. It’s essential to prepare for the second interview. Read on for helpful tips to help you beat out the competition and land the job.

Check Your Schedule

Second interviews tend to be longer than initial meetings, so plan your time accordingly. Often, candidates spend the day learning the structure of the workplace and meeting other team members.

Reflect on Your First Interview

The answers and insight you provided in your first interview are why they invited you back, so take some time to recall what you covered. The second interview is your opportunity to expand upon those topics and showcase your expertise.

Be Prepared

When you get the invitation for a second interview, be sure to ask if there is anything you will need to prepare in advance, or to bring with you. Second interviews sometimes include a submission of work samples or a review of your professional portfolio.

Do Your Homework

Ahead of your first interview, you likely checked out the company’s website and did some general industry research. The second interview is time to explore in detail. What is affecting the employer and its industry? Is it something you can refer to during your second interview to highlight your understanding of the sector and company itself?

Congratulations on moving forward in the interview process.

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