How Can Career Navigation Services Help Modern Learners?

By Ariana Jackson - November 20th, 2018


One of the primary reasons people pursue a degree or certificate is to achieve a career goal — whether that’s to earn a promotion, get a pay raise, or transition to a new career. Therefore, it’s important for modern learners to have a plan as they strive toward academic and career success.

CSU Global’s Career Navigation Services aims to help students and alumni understand the world of career exploration, searching and interviewing for jobs, and addressing the needs of the constantly evolving workforce. “Students [and alumni] can access these services at any time, [though] we recommend that they begin upon enrollment,” says Addison Welsh, Manager of Career Navigation Services.

Career Navigation Services As a Valuable Resource

Career Navigation Services’ offerings — all of which are offered at no cost to students and alumni — include the following:

Career Coaching – Students and alumni have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with a Career Coach to to understand how their degree at CSU Global can contribute to their professional success. For example, a student in the Accounting program would meet with an Accounting faculty member to explore career options, certifications, and gain an understanding of industry trends. Career Coach are CSU Global faculty members who have hands-on experience in their respective fields, and are trained in career coaching.

Resume Review – CSU Global’s faculty members have been trained by a resume expert to review the resumes of students and alumni, and are able to provide industry-specific analysis and feedback. They can help students incorporate resume keywords specific to a career field or role, and give advice on how to highlight the skills that employers in the industry are seeking in qualified applicants.

Mock Interview – Students and alumni can schedule a one-on-one appointment in which they prepare for and answer potential interview questions; understand body language cues for themselves and the interviewer; prepare for virtual and group interviews; and have a question and answer session with the interviewer to address concerns about the interview process.

PAIRIN Debrief – Students and alumni have access to the PAIRIN soft skills assessment and development tool, which helps them identify areas of strength, as well as opportunities for professional growth. In addition, students and alumni can access a report that provides them with insight into their career readiness and the skills needed to succeed in the 21st century job market. “It is important to know your strengths and areas for growth when it comes to soft skills because they are vital for success in any industry,” says Welsh.

Internships Career Navigation Services provides resources to find domestic and global internships, as well as information on how to apply for academic credit.

Career Advising –  Career advising appointments include job search, application, and cover letter strategies for civilian and government jobs; networking tips; and strategies for LinkedIn use. This service is also helpful for students who need clarity about their chosen program and career path.

hiring interviewCareer Assessments – Career Navigation Services provides access to various career assessment tools to use for exploration based on personality and interests.

Your First Career May Not Be Your Last

“Our students and alumni can always come back to us, no matter where they are in their journey,” says Sue Worden, Career Navigation Services Specialist.

She also points out some findings from the GlobalMindED conference she attended earlier this year : ”The average Millennial (now the largest age group in the workforce) will change careers 15 times before retiring.”

With so many new and evolving technologies, types of jobs, and industry trends, Career Navigation Services recommends that students and alumni take advantage of each service at least once — and return often for new resources, tools, and content.

“Careers are always building, growing, and changing, and so are professionals’ goals and interests — these services help modern learners to know who they are, their individual values, and interests to be sure that these match each individual’s intended path and industry,” says Worden.

Stay tuned for CSU Global’s new Career Center platform, which will be launching in early 2019.


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