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Recently, we explored what you can do with a Master’s Degree in AI and Machine Learning, and we discussed what AI Engineers and Scientists actually do. Today, we’re going to explain how to become an AI Scientist.

As part of this discussion, we’ll look at why you would want to consider pursuing this role in the first place, we’ll explain whether or not you need a degree to become an AI scientist, and we’ll explore which type of degree you should get.

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Is AI Scientist a Good Career Option?

Yes, becoming an AI scientist is a great career path.

This innovative role sits at the intersection of science and technology, requiring the use of cutting-edge methodologies to find solutions to complex, real-world problems. 

AI experts with the technical know-how to be successful in these roles generally have a high level of technical skill and they remain, accordingly, in high demand.

That might be why, according to data from the US Census Bureau, this career path can be quite lucrative, with the average salary for roles in this field coming in at $102,980. 

This is a growing field too, and the most recent data shows that employment opportunities in the field grew over 2% from last year alone.

What Do AI Scientists Actually Do?

There can be a lot of confusion about what AI scientists do, but the short answer is that they use machine learning technologies and artificial intelligence applications to solve real-world business problems.

What does this look like on a day-to-day basis? AI scientists typically spend their days collecting, organizing, and utilizing data and deep learning to draw conclusions about complex topics, problems, or questions. 

They may work on technological systems themselves, helping to develop the software or create the code that drives the algorithms behind artificial intelligence applications. Or, they may work more closely with the data, deciding which data to collect and how to clean the data so that it can be used within the AI structure. 

Ultimately, the goal of an AI scientist is to utilize machine learning and AI best practices to analyze massive amounts of data in order to solve complex problems in business and or any other field. As a result, these professionals need to develop a specific set of specialized skills in order to be successful.

Although there are many ways to develop the expertise needed for this career, one of the best paths to get that done is by completing a related Master’s Degree program.

Earning your Master’s in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from CSU Global is an excellent option for anyone looking to do just that, as our program was designed specifically to help you launch an exciting and fulfilling career in the AI industry. 

Do I Need a Degree to Get a Job as an AI Scientist?

While you may be able to get a job as an AI Scientist without earning a degree, many employers do appear to prefer candidates with academic credentials, so earning your degree could be an important step toward helping you land your first job in this competitive field.

Remember that this career requires a high degree of specialized expertise in processes and applications that aren’t easy to simply pick up in your spare time. 

The right degree program, such as CSU Global’s Master’s in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, can not only help you develop the skills required for the job you want but may also give you an advantage over other candidates when you’re seeking your first role in this field. 

When you earn the right degree, you’ll set yourself up for success not only because you have the required expertise for the job, but also because you’ll gain the academic credentials needed to stand out in a crowded job market.

Which Degree Should I Get?

You should get the degree that best meets your career aspirations.

If you’re interested in launching a career as an AI scientist, then you’ll almost certainly want to consider earning a relevant master’s degree, such as a Master’s in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. 

Data from IPEDs illustrates that employers hiring for AI science positions are typically looking to hire employees who have already earned at least a master’s degree. 

Getting your degree from CSU Global will prepare you for this complex career through coursework focused on relevant technologies such as Tensorflow and Python, as well as courses that develop your ability to analyze systems and establish and achieve objectives while accounting for AI reasoning and uncertainty.

After completing your master’s with us, you’ll be prepared to lead the next generation of computing technology and bring value to any organization from day one.

What Can I Do With a Master’s Degree in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

After completing CSU Global’s Master’s program in AI and Machine Learning, you’ll graduate ready to take on the daily duties and responsibilities of an AI scientist, or in some other related role.

The expertise you develop in our degree program will provide you with the capacity to perform a variety of important roles and responsibilities, such as:

  • Developing AI-driven solutions that are capable of modeling human behavior.
  • Creating solutions that combine artificial intelligence and machine learning principles.
  • Evaluating the performance of applications in artificial intelligence and machine learning domains.
  • Analyzing and associating AI principles into reasoning and uncertainty in a perspective environment.
  • Applying techniques for image analysis and reconstruction.
  • Implementing holistic AI and machine learning solutions for a given problem or scenario.

Having earned such a widely applicable skill set, you’ll be qualified to pursue a range of interesting and exciting roles, including:

And as the field continues to grow and more applications of AI technologies and machine learning processes are developed, you’ll be able to capitalize on that growth since you’ve achieved proficiency in these core areas.

To put it clearly, earning your Master’s in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can open doors onto a broad range of careers.

Is a Degree in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Really Worth It?

Yes, getting your M.S. in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning really is worth it, especially if you earn your degree from a widely respected and accredited institution like CSU Global.

When you complete your degree in this field, you come away with a deep understanding of the technologies and methodologies used to design, revise, and implement holistic AI and machine learning solutions for solving real-world business problems.

Accordingly, completing an M.S. in the field is an excellent investment in your future career, whether you choose to become an AI scientist or you decide to pursue another innovative path in high technology.

Can I Get My Degree in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Online?

Yes, you can earn your M.S. in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning online from a widely respected and accredited institution like CSU Global.

Our accelerated, 100% online program offers way more flexibility and freedom than competing traditional in-person programs, as it was designed for busy professionals.

Benefits of studying with CSU Global include:

  • No set times or locations for classes.
  • Monthly class starts.
  • Accelerated, eight-week courses.

If you already face a busy schedule full of existing work or family responsibilities, then you will certainly want to consider studying online with us.

Why Should I Study Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at CSU Global?

Our online Master’s program in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is an excellent choice for anyone looking to pursue a career in this innovative, exciting, and growing field.

Our M.S. in AI and Machine Learning program is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and widely respected by industry professionals, while CSU Global itself is recognized as an industry leader in online education, having recently earned:

Finally, CSU Global offers competitive tuition rates and a Tuition Guarantee to ensure your tuition rate won’t increase from enrollment through graduation.

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