Considering CSU Global? Here are many of the questions (and answers!) we hear from prospective students. 

Q: Is CSU Global a public or private university?
A: CSU Global is a public state university based in Colorado.


Q: Is CSU Global a not-for-profit or for-profit university?
A: CSU Global is a not-for-profit university that is proud to continue investing back into the university, its students, and the community.


Q: Is CSU Global part of a larger university system?
A: CSU Global is proud to be part of a state university system that you recognize and trust—and employers do too.


Q: Is CSU Global accredited? And by what governing body?
A: CSU Global is proud to be regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, meaning our programs have been vetted by an independent, external group of peer reviewers who confirm that we keep our promises to students.


Q: How much does CSU Global cost? What is the tuition cost per credit hour? 

CSU Global Tuition Rates





Q: How many credit hours is each course? 
A: Most courses at CSU Global are three credit hours. Each three-credit undergraduate-level course will cost ($350 x 3) $1,050. Each three-credit graduate-level course will cost ($500 x 3) $1,500. 


Q: What classes do I need to complete a degree? 
A: Each program has its own number of assigned credit hours, but in general, a bachelor’s degree is 120 credit hours, and a master’s degree ranges from 30-39 credit hours. Please refer to our Academic Catalog for details on each program’s requirements.


Q: Will my tuition go up before I finish my degree?
A: No! Our tuition guarantee means that the rate you pay for your first class is the same as the rate you pay for your last class. In other words: Your rate will not increase – even if the university’s do! 


Q: What are CSU Global's other fees apart from tuition?
A: Zero! Unlike 85% of four-year accredited universities, CSU Global charges $0 in student fees. Textbooks will be your only additional expense; some courses don’t require a textbook while others do, and those range in cost from $30-$300. You are not required to buy books from CSU Global. We encourage you to shop around! Otherwise, you will not be charged any out-of-state fees or tuition rates, athletic fees, per-credit fees, or any other surprise charges. 


Q: Does CSU Global offer grants or scholarships? 
A: Absolutely! CSU Global offers a number of scholarships to its students every trimester. Additionally, we provide access to ScholarshipUniverse, a one-stop scholarship shop. Submit your information and you’ll be matched with dozens (maybe hundreds!) of scholarships and grants you may qualify to apply for!


Q: Does CSU Global offer financial aid or other payment plans?
A: We do our best to make education affordable and accessible to all students, regardless of their financial situation. Many of our students participate in some sort of Financial Aid, and our enrollment counselors are available to work with you to help you explore the options available to you that can help with your educational expenses as you work toward your degree.


Q. Does CSU Global offer B.A. or B.S. degrees?
A: All of CSU Global’s undergraduate degrees are B.S., or bachelor of business science, degrees.


Q: Does CSU Global offer M.S. or master’s degrees? 
A: A few of each and it depends on the program. Take a look at our Academic Catalog for details on each graduate-level program.


Q: Does CSU Global run on semesters, trimesters, or quarters?
A: Our Academic Calendar is structured into three 16-week trimesters per year (Fall, Winter, Spring) divided into two eight-week terms. You would follow one of two tracks – gold or burgundy – depending on when you start classes. Gold track students take classes in our B and D terms.  Burgundy track students take classes in our A and C terms.


Q: What does a CSU Global diploma look like? Does it say “online”?
A: Click here to see a sample of what a CSU Global diploma looks like. The diploma features the name of the respected Colorado State University System as well as the CSU Global seal along with your degree program. It does not say “online” anywhere on it.


Q: Are CSU Global classes graded on assignments, papers, or exams?
A: Our curriculum is reading, writing, and research-based. Depending on your program, there may be some tests/exams, but these are uncommon. Most classes included discussions and critical thinking assignments (papers, slide presentations, or other deliverables). All assignments are completed individually – no group projects here!

Still curious? Reach out to one of our helpful Enrollment Counselors and they can answer any questions you might have!

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