Esports Team Chemistry Leads to VALORANT Victory Over Utah

By Aaron Miller - December 29th, 2020

Without ever meeting in-person, the CSU Global VALORANT team is sending shockwaves through the collegiate esports scene.

In a single semester, CSU Global—the only online-only university in the country with an esports program—boasts a competitive VALORANT team, and is finalizing rosters in League of Legends, Overwatch, Fortnite, and Call of Duty.

While the CSU Global VALORANT team finished its first semester with a 1-12-3 record, it did so against teams that consist of full-scholarship Radiant and Immortal players. CSU Global is led by one gold and four silver players, who’ve quickly established strong team chemistry. 

The team is led by coach Bryan Hummel, who has competed in multiple esports titles at the highest level, and brings a wealth of management and leadership experience in the collegiate esports world.

“It was a pleasure being able to work with these student athletes who put endless hours of time into VALORANT to improve their game as well as team chemistry,” Hummel said. “We had some students who never even played a game before but quickly picked it up. I was very impressed.”

A notable early success was when the CSU Global team defeated the University of Utah’s up-and-coming VALORANT team, which boasts the resources to fill its rosters with the best players in the country. 

Hummel noted that the healthy competition improved each CSU Global player’s in-game skills. 

“Playing against teams that good brought a level of confidence to this team that you don’t normally see,” Hummel said. “When the team went into solo queue games after a hard-fought match against a top-ranked collegiate team, the games were much easier for them.”

CSU Global esports proudly reports that it has placed more women on its competitive teams than the national average in collegiate esports. 

The VALORANT team will resume competitive play in the new year and is expected to make strides toward becoming a top contender in 2021. 

Learn more, join the team, and follow the CSU Global esports Discord.

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