End of Year Recap

By CSU Global - June 26th, 2019

A message from CSU Global President, Dr. Becky

Dr. Becky Takeda-Tinker, Ph.D.

Life as a CSU Global stakeholder is never boring, but it’s always evolving.  As we close out Fiscal Year 2019, and head into FY2020, I want you all to know how proud and grateful I am to you — the staff, faculty, contractors, and partners, who have worked hard over the last year to put the finishing touches on our plans and strategies for CSU Global 2.0 (2.0 = a re-creation of the original CSU Global that we’ve been operating since we opened to students in 2008). I also want to recognize the CSU System and the Board of Governors for their support of our bold initiatives to meet the 2.0 challenge, and their acceptance of the risks inherent with change. It has been said that, “nothing great comes easy,” and while it has been a lot of work to reinvent the institution, CSU Global stakeholder collaboration, leadership, hard work, and savvy has helped position us in such a way that we can continue to achieve our university’s mission and meet the needs of our modern students.  

Working together, we have achieved the 150- to 180-degree change, by department, that we challenged ourselves with — to leapfrog CSU Global’s operations in our technology-driven world.

Our examination, address, and modification of every department’s functionality will better facilitate CSU Global student and employee success, through the addition of new technologies and other resources, for more streamlined services toward measurable outcomes and goals.  A lot has changed since the introduction of iPhones and Android phones, in 2008, and CSU Global’s ability to continually adapt to meet expectations of online student experiences, now and into the future, is key to our ongoing success: ease-of-use, self-service, transparency, and flexibility toward individual preferences.

Our positioning goals have prompted the development of CSU Global’s new building in the Aurora Public School District, which has been completed and is ready for our August/September move (and which will prominently feature our name at the top of the structure!).  And, at the same time, Marketing has navigated university-wide approval of a new logo and branding elements along with a refreshed website – all powerful initiatives for heightened public clarity on who we are, what we represent, and what we have to offer toward an educated and skilled workforce.   

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Behind-the-scenes — and with the help of our partners, contractors, and consultants — the university has also re-examined and re-designed its curriculum processes and structures for expanded job skills and alignment with industry certifications, increased interactivity, and more student choices toward paths and activities that best meet their individual learning styles, interests, and career goals. We have also worked together to intentionally focus on community-building for increased engagement of employees and employers, partners, and students; and the development and launch of our CSU Global Experience, with the tenets Trustworthiness, Care, and Clarity; and the Employee Experience initiatives surrounding training and communication. 

From an industry perspective, FY19 has been a year in which we have seen increased offerings of online education options, while interest in CSU Global and its programs remains strong.  However, the rapid progression of higher education being seen by much of the U.S. population as a consumer good/service cannot be ignored. Therefore, our individual and collective ability to provide transparency and clarity in all that we do and offer will be a stark differentiator in the industry of higher education — and increasingly important to the successful and longitudinal engagement of our community members.  With that in mind, CSU Global’s strategic plan for FY2020-2022, “Bridging the Education Divide,” will launch July 1. 

Based on the contributions provided from every area and level of the university, our new plan sets ambitious goals that seek to expand the CSU Global Community.  These include identifying and engaging individuals across the world, who might not have ordinarily considered CSU Global or any other university for their career-progression support, but who could benefit from our distinct ROI lens for higher education, high-quality academic programs, and premier fully online educational experience. We will also continue to address the student experience to ensure that, as we broaden our community of students, we are satisfying the expectations and needs of all of our students, who are striving to evolve in their careers and keep up with technology and industry trends.

As a university, and as a growing community of stakeholders, we are well-positioned to meet the dynamic needs of the future.

I am humbled by the ongoing fierceness of dedication, sheer intellect, and creative minds that drive CSU Global, to help people help themselves for bigger and brighter futures. Without a doubt, by working together as stakeholders, we embody a university that is truly one of the great institutions of our time.



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