Exploring Careers in International Management

By Ariana Jackson - June 11th, 2018


For business leaders and management professionals seeking global expansion opportunities, pursuing a master’s degree in International Management may be just the right path for learning how to manage businesses, lead teams, and promote business growth on a worldwide scale.

Management skills are needed across industries, and these careers allow professionals to use their business and leadership skills on a global level by providing a solid foundation in industry ethics, business policies, communications, and decision-making.

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International Management careers require professionals to…

  • Understand business management, ethics, laws, and regulations, domestically and internationally.
  • Manage employees and maintain business partnerships with individuals from different cultures and nations, with knowledge of, and respect for customs and best practices.
  • Develop strategies for business expansion.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of global economic and political factors that affect businesses.

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If you enjoy working with people, think about a career as a…

  • Business Teacher.
  • Management Consultant.

Professionals in these  roles may find themselves instructing, consulting, or negotiating with others for the benefit of businesses. They maintain an evolving understanding of business ethics, policies, and cultural practices.

analyzing data

Prefer working with data? You may like these professions:

  • Business Development Manager.
  • Management Analyst.
  • Sales Manager.

These careers often include researching and analyzing company and competitor data to present to clients and partners, establishing and monitoring business goals.


Are you a natural leader, creative, and capable of making major decisions? Consider pursuing these roles:

  • Chief Executive.
  • General Manager.
  • Operations Manager.

Roles like these require professionals to comply with established and evolving industry standards, lead teams, and implement ethical decision-making strategies on a global scale.

A degree in International Management opens the doors to a number of industries. This degree can help you work in roles that will allow you to help companies advance their objectives of global expansion and success.


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