Laptop with holiday decorations in background


It's almost that time of year — the turkey-eating, football-watching, holiday-shopping season. If you’re considering going back to school but the holidays seem like the worst time to start, there are a few reasons why starting at CSU Global in November or December might be a better approach than waiting to begin in the new year. 

1. Embrace the holiday spirit by lightening your workload while remaining eligible for financial aid. 

Need financial aid? If you kick off your courses in November or December, you can take just one course per term and still qualify for federal financial aid. If you wait until the last term in a trimester, you would have to double your workload to qualify for aid. 

2. It’s your last chance for a tuition reimbursement bonanza.

Many companies that offer tuition reimbursement do so based on the calendar year, so why not take advantage of every work benefit to which you’re entitled? If you enroll in November or December, you can use tuition assistance for 2023 and begin anew with funds in January. 

3. You’ll be able to spice up the holiday table talk.  

Add a dash of excitement to your conversions this holiday season. When relatives ask what’s new, you’ll have something significant to share, and you’ll have a graceful exit strategy if you crave a bit of down time. After all, no one can argue if you need to excuse yourself for some dedicated “study time.” Wink, wink. 

4. You can still enjoy the holiday season — no classes December 25 through December 31.

We’ve decked the virtual halls with flexible courses that work around your year-end festive celebrations, so there’s no need to miss out on the eggnog and cookies. To make sure you have time for family fun, there are no classes or assignments from December 25-31. Plus, we’ve wrapped up the weekly assignments with flexible, extended deadlines, just to keep that holiday stress at bay. Alternatively, if you prefer to get ahead and stay ahead of the holiday hustle, the choice is entirely yours. 

5. Impress the little elves.

Kids off for winter break? Show them that you value education and make learning a family activity. Get the kids set up on a learning application, YouTube tutorial, or other online educational program and celebrate together when you complete your goals. Going back to school is like unwrapping endless opportunities for your future, so give yourself and your family the gift of success. 

6. People seldom keep new year’s resolutions … and earning your bachelor’s, master’s, or certificate at CSU Global is a resolution you definitely want to keep. 

While everyone loves making new year’s resolutions, not many develop enough momentum to stick to them. Instead of waiting for the all-caps, high-pressure NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION to go back to school, why not ease into it sooner? 

Winter term A starts on November 13, while Winter term B starts on December 11. Our enrollment counselors are ready to help you get a jump start on the new year by having a course or two already completed.