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Every year, thousands of people finish their military careers and enter the civilian workforce — sometimes finding themselves underprepared when it comes to the skills and credentials they need. While the G.I. Bill can help ease the financial burden of going to college, earning a degree takes time.

The solution? Online learning. Military service members can take advantage of the flexibility of online learning and their military financial assistance, giving them a significant head start on their career. Here’s how.

1. Flexibility

Military service members often move from state to state and time zone to time zone, often with unpredictable schedules, making it very hard to complete a bachelor’s degree at a traditional college campus. When your coursework is entirely online, you can take it with you anywhere you go, as long as there’s internet access. From Germany to Japan and everywhere in between, you can continue the same college course work at the same pace and get your degree on time.

2. Variety

When it comes to your career choice after military service, the sky's the limit. There are hundreds of career paths you could pursue, and you need to find a college program that lets you study whatever it is that most interests you.

Online learning offers just as comprehensive and rigorous an academic program as any in-person college, from specific qualifications and certificates to bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the discipline of your choice. Schools like CSU Global are fully accredited, offer transfer credits to and from other colleges, and offer courses in a variety of career-relevant fields.

3. Assistance for Spouses

Just as it’s difficult for service members to get an education while moving all over the country and the world, it’s similarly difficult for military spouses. Some choose not to work, while others choose career paths that translate easily from one place to another. (In fact, CSU Global partners with Freedom Learning Group to assist military spouses in earning high-quality academic credentials while gaining meaningful and mobile employment in the education sector.)

Luckily, online learning offers all the same advantages to military spouses as it does to active service members. Look for a program that offers support to both you and your spouse, and you’ll both be better prepared for the job market when the time comes.

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