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CSU Global’s general education courses are more than a bachelor’s degree requirement. They're designed to help you develop and strengthen valuable workplace skills.

CSU Global embeds and maps soft skills into every class, giving you what today's employers demand. SuccessReady® mapping helps you see exactly how your education will benefit your career – while you are learning it – providing a solid foundation for workplace success.

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gtPathways Guaranteed Transfer

gtPathways is a set of general education courses that the state guarantees for transfer within public institutions in Colorado. The curriculum consists of 31 semester hours of credit in five content areas. Receiving institutions must apply guaranteed general education courses to a student's general education or major requirements. Approved courses in gtPathways are not based on course equivalencies but meet content and competency criteria.

The following CSU Global courses have been approved for gtPathways Guaranteed Transfer:

CSUG Course Number

CSUG Course Title

gtPathways Category


Introduction to Literature

Literature & Humanities - GT-AH2


Critical Reasoning

Ways of Thinking - GT-AH3


Environmental Conservation Lab

Natural & Physical Sciences - GT-SC2


Anatomy & Physiology II with Lab

Natural & Physical Sciences - GT-SC1


Introduction to Microbiology with Lab

Natural & Physical Sciences - GT-SC1


Introduction to Chemistry with Lab

Natural & Physical Sciences - GT-SC1


Introductory Physics with Lab

Natural & Physical Sciences - GT-SC1


Environmental Conservation

Natural & Physical Sciences - GT-SC2


Public Health and the Environment

Natural & Physical Sciences - GT-SC2


Earth Science with Lab

Natural & Physical Sciences - GT-SC1


Composition I

Introductory Writing Course - GT-CO1


Composition II

Intermediate Writing Course - GT-CO2


U.S. History I

History - GT-HI1


U.S. History II

History - GT-HI1


Mathematical Explorations

Mathematics - GT-MA1


College Algebra

Mathematics - GT-MA1


Introduction to Statistics

Mathematics - GT-MA1


Introduction to Political Science

Economic or Political Systems - GT-SS1


Introduction to Human Development

Human Behavior, Cuture or Social Frameworks - GT-SS3


Introduction to Sociology

Human Behavior, Cuture or Social Frameworks - GT-SS3

CSU Global follows the gtPathways general education course requirements as required by the Colorado Commission on Higher Education Performance Contracts and Statewide Transfer Policies. Students residing in states other than Colorado may be required to take additional general education credits to meet their state’s general education requirements.

For more information, visit the gtPathways website.