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Discover Your Dual Enrollment Pathway Today

Colorado State University Global offers unique educational pathways for both high school students and PK12 district teachers. Whether you're a motivated student seeking college credit or a passionate teacher looking to further your career, our Dual Enrollment program has something special for you.

Become a Credentialed Dual Enrollment Teacher

When teachers at school districts are credentialed to teach dual enrollment through earning graduate credits in their subject area, they can lead their district students — and students from other districts as mutually agreed — to earn college credit in classes that students take in their home high schools under the guidance of their credentialed teachers.

By earning 18 graduate credits at CSU Global, you earn the credentials to become eligible to teach General Education Dual Enrollment courses. Moreover, these credits can be applied toward a Master's Degree in Teaching and Learning. And the opportunities don’t stop there – you can even pursue Principal Licensure through our Educational Leadership program.

Dual enrollment specializations include English K-12Math K-12, or History K-12.

Earn College Credits While in High School

Are you a high school student looking to get ahead? Dual enrollment offers a unique chance to earn college credits while still in high school. Benefits include:

  • Increased academic challenge and enrichment — by enrolling in college courses, you'll expand your knowledge and skills beyond the traditional high school curriculum.
  • Opportunity to explore a variety of subjects — whether it's psychology, biology, or business, you can sample subjects and uncover new interests before locking into a college major.
  • Transferable college credits — you can save time and money by transferring dual enrollment credits to your chosen community college or university, including CSU Global. CSU Global can help you verify credit transferability.

Ready to take the first step toward a successful college experience? DualEnrollment [at] (Apply for dual enrollment today)!

In today's challenging educational landscape, the demand for PK-12 teacher engagement and retention has reached unprecedented levels. Therefore, offering pathways to professional development can serve as a valuable resource for school and district leadership in achieving their objectives. 

When teachers earn graduate credits, it enhances their capabilities as PK-12 educators and positively impacts students' education, particularly through the proven benefits of dual enrollment classes. Additionally, it opens up possibilities for teachers to become future leaders within the school and district. This symbiotic relationship ultimately benefits school districts as a whole.

Students and their guardians can learn more about concurrent and dual enrollment from the Colorado Department of Education. A comprehensive overview is available here.

CSU Global partners with PK12 school districts so that students can choose to take dual enrollment courses with their District teachers who are paid by their school, District, or CSU Global; based in their school classrooms; and in some cases alongside an online CSU Global Master Instructor. 

Areas of study for PK12 Teacher General Education Credentialing include but are not limited to  CSU Global pathways in History, Mathematics and English for dual enrollment students and others.

Teachers can become dual-enrollment credentialed by earning 18 graduate credits in Mathematics, English, History, and other General Education areas from CSU Global. 

Examples include:

The graduate Mathematics courses for teachers to become credentialed: 

  • MTH525: Discrete Mathematics
  • MTH530: Foundation and Applications of Analysis I
  • MTH531: Foundation and Applications of Analysis II
  • MTH540: Higher Geometry
  • MTH545: Mathematical Modeling 
  • MTH556: Advanced Probability and Statistics

The graduate English courses for teachers to become credentialed:

  • ENG501 Studies in Composition Studies and Pedagogy
  • ENG510 Literary Criticism and Theory
  • ENG515 History and Theory of Rhetoric
  • ENG520 Advanced Studies in World Literature
  • ENG525 British Romantic Literature
  • ENG532 American Literature - World War II to Present

The graduate History courses for teachers to become credentialed:

  • HST500 Topics in U.S. History
  • HST501 Topics in Latin American History
  • HST502 Topics in the History of Colonialism
  • HST503 Topics in U.S. Colonial History
  • HST504 Topics in U.S. Immigration History
  • HST505 Topics in the History of US Wars and Warfare

Examples of How it Works

The dual enrollment classes for students range from 8 to 14 weeks long. The CSU Global dual enrollment classes that credentialed teachers from partner PK12 Districts can teach their students are:

  • ENG101 Composition I 
  • ENG102 Composition II 


  • MTH109 Mathematical Explorations
  • MTH122 College Algebra
  • MTH156 Introduction to Statistics
  • MTH166 Pre-Calculus
  • MTH201 Calculus 

Once teachers are credentialed, they are compensated through an agreement between CSU Global and their home school, District, or directly by CSU Global. 

To learn about the process in place for their school and/or District, teachers may contact CSU Global's partnerships director for additional information and support: samira.karyampudi [at]

The following general education courses are offered to high school students as part of CSU Global’s concurrent and dual enrollment program:

CSU Global General Education Courses

U.S. History II History - GT-HI1

CSUG Course Number CSUG Course Title gtPathways Category for Colorado Residents
ENG130 Introduction to Literature Literature & Humanities - GT-AH2
HUM101 Critical Reasoning Ways of Thinking - GT-AH3
BIO121L Environmental Conservation Lab Natural & Physical Sciences - GT-SC2
BIO202 Anatomy & Physiology II with Lab Natural & Physical Sciences - GT-SC1
BIO204 Introduction to Microbiology with Lab Natural & Physical Sciences - GT-SC1
CHE101 Introduction to Chemistry with Lab Natural & Physical Sciences - GT-SC1
PHY101 Introductory Physics with Lab Natural & Physical Sciences - GT-SC1
BIO121 Environmental Conservation Natural & Physical Sciences - GT-SC2
BIO201 Public Health and the Environment Natural & Physical Sciences - GT-SC2
GEO101C Earth Science with Lab Natural & Physical Sciences - GT-SC1
ENG101 Composition I Introductory Writing Course - GT-CO1
ENG102 Composition II Intermediate Writing Course - GT-CO2
HST201 U.S. History I History - GT-HI1
HST202 U.S. History II History - GT-HI1
MTH109 Mathematical Explorations Mathematics - GT-MA1
MTH122 College Algebra Mathematics - GT-MA1
MTH156 Introduction to Statistics Mathematics - GT-MA1
POL101 Introduction to Political Science Economic or Political Systems - GT-SS1
PSY235 Introduction to Human Development Human Behavior, Culture or Social Frameworks - GT-SS3
SOC101 Introduction to Sociology Human Behavior, Culture or Social Frameworks - GT-SS3

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