Graduate Specialization in Teacher Leadership

You know that government policies and the structure of the institution where you teach have a huge impact on your students’ lives and learning outcomes. By becoming a leader in your school and your community, you will become a force for positive change.

This program gives you the skills to transform teachers into change agents: leadership, interpretation of research, collaboration, and facilitation of learning at the institutional level. You’ll also learn how educational policy is made, and how you can be involved in that process.

Courses in This Specialization

This program consists of four graduate online teacher leadership courses for a total of 12 credit hours.

Examines the change process in education, focusing on teacher’s role as leader and facilitator.

Highlights skills needed in developing teachers as leaders of change in education systems and institutions.

Introduces strategies for professional growth including interpretation of research and professional collaboration to lead and advocate for effective change.

An evaluation of contemporary learning theories, with emphasis on major issues, research findings, and application of learning principles to online teaching and learning. Students will examine online instructional strategies and practice facilitation techniques that promote learning transfer. The course also provides students with essential knowledge and skills in preparation for the capstone course.