Earn credentials to teach dual enrollment history

Support your school district and acquire more teaching credentials with Colorado State University Global’s 100% online 18-credit graduate K-12 History specialization. This program provides you with the credentials to teach dual enrollment courses and is designed for K-12 history educators.

In this specialization, you'll:

  • Immerse yourself in courses like “Topics in the History of Colonialism” and “Topics in U.S. Immigration History” to gain insights into historical complexities with direct applications to the present. 
  • Develop a framework for understanding historical movements and constructs, enriching your perspective on historical narratives. 
  • Learn to critically evaluate personal biases within existing historical approaches, fostering a more objective and inclusive teaching methodology. 
  • Master a graduate-level academic writing process and refine your skills in research using the latest methodologies in historical studies.

This graduate specialization is tailored for those who've completed a 24-credit-hour undergraduate sequence, passed a PRAXIS exam, or hold a bachelor's degree in a related field. This program is your gateway to significantly impacting your school district, expanding your teaching expertise, and being eligible for additional teaching opportunities.