Are you a people person? Add in-depth studies of human resources management and organizational development, and put that talent and passion to work.

“People are our greatest resource.” It’s been said so often about the staff that makes up an organization. Every organization in every industry needs people, and professionals who are skilled in managing them and helping them work together effectively will always be in demand.

This program will give you an in-depth knowledge of corporate structure, training and staff development, management strategies, compensation systems, the dynamics of corporate culture, conflict resolution, legal considerations, and more. If you add a specialization in human resources and organizational development to your online degree in business management from CSU-Global, you’ll meet all of the curriculum guidelines the Society for Human Resource Management has set for preparing for a career in human resources. 

This program consists of five upper division online human resources and organizational development courses for a total of 15 credit hours.

  • HRM400: Human Resources Development and Management
    Introduction to the development and management of an organization's human resources, with emphasis on planning for the screening, selection, orientation and training of employees. Additional topics include performance appraisal, compensation, benefits, equal employment opportunity, incentives and rewards.
  • HRM450: Employment Law, Compensation, and Policy
    Introduces the major laws affecting employment in the United States including insurance, compensation, and labor, health and safety related to employment and compensation. The provisions of those laws as well as public policy supporting regulation and the future modifications are addressed.
  • HRM455: Training and Staff Development
    Explores the development, administration, and evaluation of organizational training and staff development programs. Motivation, organizational culture and change, employee development, and the role of management are analyzed.
  • HRM460: Organizational Development
    The study of organizational systems and strategies designed to drive organizational competitive advantage and enhance organizational performance. Specific focus is on systems thinking, becoming a learning organization, and continuous improvement.
  • MGT470: Conflict Management and Negotiation
    Identification and analysis of management strategies for dealing with both functional and dysfunctional conflict in the workplace. Included is a study of conflict management styles of avoidance, accommodation, collaboration, negotiation, mediation and domination.

  • Business Management majors after Fall 2012 will take HRM425 in place of HRM400. 
  • Organizational Leadership majors prior to Fall 2012 will take HRM425 in place of MGT470. 
  • Organizational Leadership majors after Fall 2012 will take MGT475 in place of MGT470.


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You have two options for completing your online HR and organizational development program:


infographic_other-cert1.jpgA Non-Degree Certificate of Completion

Quickly enhance your resume by gaining knowledge and skills in a specific area that meets your career goals.

If you decide you’re interested in earning your full degree at a later date, the credits you earned in your Certificate of Completion program can count towards your degree!

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infographic_other_special2.jpgA Specialization in Your Bachelor’s Degree

Add an area of focus to your degree that can help you stand out to future employers.



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