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Learn the leadership, communication, critical thinking, research, and interpersonal skills that are sought after in any profession.


Gain a broad understanding of human behavior and increase your knowledge in a wide range of disciplines through your online bachelor’s degree in applied social sciences. You’ll learn how to build dynamic teams and make organizations function better though better decision making, critical thinking, and analytic research skills.

Your career opportunities are wide open with bachelor of social science degree. It is also excellent preparation for graduate studies in sociology, law, public administration, social work, psychology, and education.



We understand the sacrifice needed to invest in education so our promise to you is an affordable education with low tuition rates, no out-of-state tuition, and tuition guaranteed not to increase for as long as you are enrolled. Find out how you can earn your online bachelor’s degree in applied social sciences for a fraction of the cost of other universities.

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You might think becoming a “Renaissance Man” (or woman) through your online social sciences degree isn’t possible with your busy schedule, but with 100% online classes, you work and study when it’s most convenient for you.

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CSU-Global's accredited online bachelor's degree in applied social sciences is designed to provide you with a practical knowledge in a wide range of interconnected fields. The program consists of 10 three-credit core courses as part of a full 120-credit bachelor's degree. Maximize your transfer credits and take advantage of our alternative credit options to finish faster and for less!

  • ORG300: Applying Leadership Principles
    This required first course for all majors (undergraduate level) provides an overview of leadership basics. In the context of studying at CSU-Global, students will develop strategies for success in the online learning environment.
  • HST300: U.S. History from 1945 to the Present
    This course presents the history of the United States from 1945 to the present. Topics include the Cold War, Vietnam, the rise of a conservative majority, and recent developments in the domestic political landscape.
  • SOC300: Working in Modern Society
    An analysis of the conditions and challenges faced by workers in contemporary society, including the meeting of both employer and individual expectations. Focus includes the balancing of numerous factors including personal life, job commitment, and career management. This course fulfills a general education requirement for social sciences.
  • COM305: Communication in the Global Information Age
    This course brings historical and theoretical perspectives to bear on the exploration of practices in the digital media environment. From interpersonal exchanges to organizational interactions to global culture, economy, and politics, the possibilities and practices associated with how digital media are influencing the world of communication will be explored. Finally, in this course students will examine the impact and implications digital media have on our contemporary communication approaches.
  • SOC310: Race, Gender, and Ethnic Relations in the U.S.
    Survey of the historical and current issues related to race, gender, and ethnic relations found in practices and policies. Review of judicial, political and economic influences on organizational diversity management.
  • ORG303: Applied Organizational Psychology
    This course consists of a study of industrial/organizational psychology and its application in solving organizational problems and challenges. The course includes a balance between research, theory and application. Topics include developing psychologically healthy and productive workplaces, addressing contemporary organizational challenges, and best practices related to employee management and development. Upon completing this course students should be able to understand and explain industrial/organizational psychology applications in helping organizations fulfill their missions and objectives.
  • ECN400: Managerial Economics
    An understanding of the theories of economics in a global context. Emphasis on the application of the concepts of demand and elasticity, international rate determination and balance of payments, national and international financial system and institutions, and macroeconomic indicators.
  • PMG300: Public Administration
    An overview of issues related to leading and managing public organizations and government agencies. Focus includes policy development, strategic planning, agency operations, civil service systems, legal framework, and ethical considerations.
  • PMG460: Community Development
    An examination of the various facets of community resource development and management. Emphasis on planning and management strategies to guide nonprofit organizations in community development projects, programs and efforts.
  • SOC480: Capstone - Applying the Social Sciences
    This capstone course is the culmination of the applied social sciences academic experience. It serves to synthesize the knowledge gained from courses previously taken within the applied social sciences and prepares the graduate for further studies within the social sciences or a related career position. The course centers on the development of a senior level research paper grounded in relevant social science literature and research; the emphasis is on the integration and synthesis of knowledge acquired in previous courses.


You can customize your degree in applied social sciences by adding a specialization. Similar to a degree concentration, each specialization consists of five upper-division courses (15 credit hours) in a more specific area of interest. A specialization is not required to complete a bachelor's degree, but it is an ideal way to tailor your educational experience to your professional goals and personal interests.

Explore Your Specialization Options for Your B.S. in Applied Social Sciences:

  • Business Administration
    The Business Administration program is ideally suited for students interested in pursuing a career in business operations and management. Professionals in this field include department managers, accountants, consultants, executives, directors, and more.

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  • Criminal Forensics
    The Criminal Forensics program is ideal for students interested in crime scene investigation and forensic science. Gain the knowledge and skills to pursue or advance a career as a medical examiner, crime analyst, criminal investigator, or similar position in this exciting field.

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  • Criminal Justice Management
    The criminal justice field includes careers in security, the court system, corrections, forensics, as well as local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. The Criminal Justice Management program provides advanced leadership skills to further one’s professional development in these areas.

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  • Criminology
    The Criminology program focuses on the study of crime, criminal behavior, and the legal system. Students pursuing a career in law enforcement, social work, forensics, welfare, pathology, probation, or other public safety positions will gain a competitive advantage through the Criminology program.

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  • Data Management and Analysis
    The Data Management and Analysis program is designed for students interested in careers related to information systems and networking. Professionals interested in the information technology field who desire in-depth knowledge of how to manage enterprise data should consider this program.

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  • Emergency Management
    While emergency situations cannot always be avoided, proper critical response and preparation can drastically improve public safety. The Emergency Management program provides professionals, including safety directors, emergency specialists, consultants, analysts, and direct responders, with the skills necessary in a wide array of emergencies.

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  • Finance
    Gain insight and professional skills with regards to the bottom line through this program in finance. Career opportunities exist for accountants, investment bankers, payroll specialists, analysts, auditors, controllers, and more in this exciting field of study.

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  • Foundations of Accounting
    This program provides business principles and other applied skills in the area of accounting to assist professionals at all levels. In addition to accountants and CPAs, this program provides financial understanding for budget and cost analysts, payroll specialists, auditors, tax consultants, advisors, managers, and more.

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  • Healthcare Informatics
    The Healthcare Informatics program is ideal for healthcare administrators and other professionals who are interested in the effective management of data and information within a global and technology-rich environment.

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  • Healthcare Management
    The Healthcare Management program provides professionals in clinics, hospitals, private practices, nursing homes, research facilities, and more with the focused training required to handle the unique management challenges of the healthcare industry. This program gives students a competitive edge in an ever-changing field.

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  • Human Resources and Organizational Development
    Students interested in pursuing a career in Human Resources should consider adding this specialization to their bachelor’s degree coursework. It provides a background in personnel management, staff training and development, policy and procedures, and more. When completed as part of the B.S. in Business Management degree, this specialization aligns with educational standards from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

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  • Information Technology Management
    As technology continues to advance, the need for qualified IT managers grows as well. Through the Information Technology Management Specialization, students gain the administrative knowledge needed to meet the demands of corporate technology systems including problem solving, resource allocation, networking, security, and more.

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  • Information Technology Operations
    This program provides a basic understanding of technology operations, networking, problem-solving, development, and more. Professionals interested in careers that require knowledge of information technology, including administrators, department managers, system analysts, and more, will benefit from this program.

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  • Intelligence and Homeland Security
    The Intelligence and Homeland Security program is ideal for anyone interested in a career focused on the protection of the United States against foreign and domestic threats.

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  • Marketing
    Students interested in the global field of marketing will benefit from this specialization, which includes promotion, creative services, public relations, research, consulting, communications, advertisement, strategy, branding, and much more. The Marketing program provides the tools necessary to be successfully employed in many areas within this field.

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  • Operations Management and Supervision
    The Operations Management and Supervision program is ideal for students who pursue careers in logistics or manufacturing and production. These courses provide knowledge and skills to improve efficiency, efficacy, and performance in organizational operations.

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  • Organizational Leadership
    If you wish to advance into a management role in your organization or further your management skills as they apply to staff, effective decision making, strategic communication, and more you should consider the Organizational Leadership program in addition to your your bachelor’s degree major or as a certificate of completion.

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  • Professional Sales
    The Professional Sales program is ideal for students interested in advancing their knowledge of sales and learning best practices for conducting business in today’s dynamic marketplace.

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  • Project Management
    Students interested in project management should consider this program to gain comprehensive theories and concepts on how to improve organizational efficiency and performance on a per project basis. Ideal for both Project Management Professionals (PMP) and those interested in entering this growing field.

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  • Public Administration
    Students interested in pursuing a career in government, public management, foreign services, nonprofit, security, regulatory boards, and others at the global, national, state, or local level will gain a competitive advantage with a public administration program.

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  • Public and Non-Profit Management
    Students interested in careers within the public and non-profit sectors should consider pursuing a specialization or certificate of completion in Public and Non-Profit Management. This program provides students with management and decision-making abilities necessary within these organizations.

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  • Small Business and Entrepreneurship
    Students who have a desire to work with a start up business or manage their own entrepreneurial enterprises will gain the variety of skills necessary to be successful through this specialization.

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  • Strategic Communications
    Effective communication can increase efficiency and results in a wide array of professional positions. The Strategic Communication program improves both internal and external messaging, delivery, and comprehension for managers, consultants, marketing and public relations specialists, human resources, and more.

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To ensure that you are learning the applied social science practices relevant today, all courses are taught by qualified instructors with current industry experience. Our instructors hold advanced degrees in their fields, and are specially trained to teach online, so you and your fellow students can think more critically about how the subject matter applies to real-world situations.

Program Coordinator B.S. in Applied Social Science 
Dr. Dean Dohrman

Dr. Dean Dohrman currently serves in the Missouri House of Representatives. He serves on several House committees encompassing education, veteran and military affairs, as well as agriculture.

Prior to the Missouri House of Representatives, Dr. Dohrman served as county assessor developing various professional programs, and completing assessment studies for the state assessors' association. He held the highest certification from the association. Among several internships, Dr. Dohrman served as a Presidential Management Intern (now Fellow) working in export programs within the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Dr. Dohrman earned is Ph.D. from the University of Missouri-Kansas City in 2004.

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