At CSU Global you're already on campus.

The decision to pursue your degree depends on a number of variables. One significant consideration is flexibility, and that's just one of the reasons CSU Global was created.

Adding education to your already busy schedule means you'll need a university that works with you. Our 100% online coursework gives you the flexibility to create your own schedule while maintaining your personal and professional life.

No need to rearrange your schedule for your education, with CSU Global you can earn your degree without putting life on hold. Here's how to make this modern schedule work with your modern life.

Customize A Schedule For Your Online Education

There are a number of ways to make CSU Global’s flexible, 100% online schedule work for you. Get the most out of your online education, with these tips to give you the schedule you want.

  • Maintain a consistent study and posting schedule. The online classroom is a collaborative environment and being prepared is essential for you and your peers’ success.
  • Set aside specific time to complete each task. As an online student, you'll be responsible for reading, posting to discussion boards, taking quizzes, and doing critical thinking assignments.
  • Complete required and recommended readings first. You'll need this information during discussions and assignments throughout the week, so plan on having these tasks completed early in the week.
  • Get ahead of your final portfolio project. Coursework throughout the term builds toward your project. Complete contributing tasks throughout the term so that you're not racing to complete everything at the end of the term.
  • Create and adjust your weekly schedule to work for you. Over time you’ll gain a better understanding of how long each task takes so you can better manage your time. Write out a sample course schedule, to ensure you have the time you need to accomplish everything in your busy day.