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You already have the passion and the talent for teaching. Now become an even more effective teacher with the latest theories, techniques, and technologies for education in the 21st century. 


In this program, you’ll develop more effective strategies for teaching students with diverse language backgrounds, cultures, and learning styles. You’ll look into the latest research on the many ways people learn. You’ll learn to deal with the ethical, legal, and social issues around education today. You’ll learn best practices in curriculum design. You’ll discover how emerging technologies can be used to increase opportunities and improve learning. In short, you’ll become a well-rounded teaching professional, ready to grow with the evolving face of education in today’s world.

CSU-Global’s master’s in teaching program is designed for teachers of all types, including K-12 teachers, adult educators, school administrators, corporate trainers, special education instructors, and instructional designers.



Earning your master’s degree shows you have excellent critical thinking and decision making skills; earning it at CSU-Global means you are already pretty good at it. Our promise to you is an affordable education with low tuition rates guaranteed not to increase for as long as you are enrolled, with no student fees or out-of-state tuition upcharges.

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We know you’re busy.  But school can fit into your professional, family, and other life obligations.  Our  year round, 100% online classes give you the flexibility to learn and study when it’s most convenient for you.

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CSU-Global’s accredited online master’s degree in teaching and learning is designed to provide you with a practical knowledge of the field. The program consists of 8 three-credit core courses as part of a full 36-credit master’s degree. (Some M.S. in Teaching and Learning students may be required to take RES501 as part of their program if they have an undergraduate GPA below 3.00. In this case, the degree is 39 credits.)

  • RES501: Fundamentals of Research and Writing
    This course is only required for students who are accepted into this program with an undergraduate GPA below 3.00.

    The primary purpose of this course is to help students entering graduate level programs at CSU-Global develop awareness of current and effective research and writing practices with the goal of implementing such practices into their writing and research projects. Students will learn what constitutes graduate level writing and research as well as how to communicate with colleagues in online professional forums. Students will also learn to effectively integrate writing and research skills into the writing projects they will pursue throughout their graduate level programs.
  • OTL502: Learning Theories and Models of Instruction
    This course provides students with an introduction to learning theories. A variety of theoretical constructs are studied to address diverse learning styles and conceptual frameworks for engaging learners. Students will explore theoretical perspectives on learning, cognition, and cognitive development. By examining a range of principles, perspectives and tools, students will gain an understanding of learning and teaching in a variety of contexts. Students will use problem solving, application, and evaluation skills to analyze the theories and practices of educational organizations.
  • OTL504: Social, Ethical, and Legal Issues in 21st Century Learning
    This course provides educators with an overview of the legal, ethical, and social issues that are unique in the 21st century learning environment. Topics such as learner privacy online, the appropriate uses of newer technologies, copyright, and intellectual property on the Internet will be presented. Students will also examine privacy law and contemporary legal issues of the 21st century classrooms.
  • OTL540K: Theory and Practice in Backward Design
    Introduction to instructional system design theories and models used in Pre-K-12 learning environments and nontraditional settings with a focus on backward design.
  • OTL541K: Evaluation and Assessment
    Examination of methods and techniques for evaluation and assessment of learning in Pre-K-12 settings with a focus on instructional improvement and student achievement.
  • OTL545: Technology and Innovation
    This course presents how present and emerging technologies are transforming society and schools and the implications these changes have for teaching and learning. Strategies for building students' critical thinking habits, innovation, and creativity with respect to new technologies and media will be developed in the context of 21st century literacies (information, visual, etc.). Students will explore the practical context for the use of technology and will develop skills that identify and address the challenge of using technology creatively in teaching and learning situations today.
  • OTL565: Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in the Differentiated Classroom
    An examination of the theories and concepts that define cultural and linguistic diversity with an emphasis on the theory and methods for creating multiple pathways of learning to accommodate students with varying backgrounds of knowledge, readiness, language, interest, and learning styles.
  • OTL568: Action Research
    Advanced examination of an educator led research approach with an emphasis on instructional improvement and student learning.
  • OTL579: Research-Based Professional Project OR OTL581: Capstone - Researching Effective Educational Programming
    Students have the option of selecting OTL579 or OTL581 as the capstone course of this program. See the Academic Catalog for full course descriptions. Both options represent a culmination of the knowledge and skills gain throughout the M.S. in Teaching and Learning program.


We will help you customize your online degree in teaching and learning by adding a specialization. Similar to a degree concentration, each specialization consists of four courses in your chosen area of interest.

Explore Your Specialization Options for Your Master’s in Teaching and Learning:

  • Applied Business Management
    Gain a competitive advantage and increase career prospects through this specialization or certificate of completion with a focus on practical business and management skills in accounting, financing, strategic development, organizational change, and more.

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  • Contemporary Practices in K-12 Online Learning
    Educators looking to gain advanced knowledge of online learning within K-12 instruction should consider this program. Focus on the best practices and theories of knowledge on how to incorporate engaging curriculum into online environments and the specialization includes a hands-on practicum.

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  • English Language Learning (ELL)
    Students in the English Language Learning program gain the experience and skills necessary to teach preK-12 students from diverse language backgrounds.

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  • Human Resource Management
    Students interested in furthering their careers in the field of human resources should consider this program, which provides organizational management skills with an emphasis on personnel, staff training and development, policy and procedures, and more. This program is designed as an HRCI certification prep course.

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  • Human Resource Performance
    Students who aim to improve an organization’s effectiveness through human resources should consider the Human Resource Performance program. Emphasis is on the successful management of organized labor employees in dynamic environments.

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  • Information Technology
    Managers, directors, and senior executives in information technology can gain vital knowledge to increase an organization’s efficiency and effectiveness in the marketplace through the advanced IT strategies and implementation training provided by this program.

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  • International Management
    In today’s global marketplace, effective leadership in any industry requires special skills. Students interested in pursuing a career with multi-national strategic vision benefit from the skills and application of knowledge obtained in the International Management program.

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  • K-12 Education Technology and Instructional Design
    This program is ideal for instructional designers, K-12 educators, K-12 technology specialists, and K-12 library and media specialists who want to expand their expertise to that of the K-12 online school and classroom.

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  • Organizational Leadership and Change Management
    Managers, at any level or tenure, must be able to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of business. Students in this program gain the tools for career advancement by learning to thrive through market innovations and handle rapid organizational growth and change.

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  • Project Management
    This graduate level program in project management offers extensive leadership and skill development regarding improved organizational efficiency and performance. These courses include topic areas, practical skills, and knowledge aligned to professional certifications associated with the Project Management Institute (PMI) including the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® and the Project Management Professional (PMP)®.

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  • Strategic Innovation and Change Management
    This program focuses on enhancing one’s ability to efficiently manage though the strategic implementation of change and evolution within a business or organization. Managers who effectively adapt to meet the needs of their environment are more likely to succeed.

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  • Teacher Leadership
    Teachers and professional educators who wish to become leaders of change and innovation will benefit from this program. In coordination with a master’s degree in Teaching and Learning, students will gain the knowledge to enhance the learning environment through policy and professional development.

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All courses are taught by qualified instructors with current industry experience to ensure you are learning the teaching practices relevant today. All instructors at the graduate level hold doctoral degrees in their fields and are specially trained to teach online, so that you and your fellow students can think more critically about how the subject matter applies to real-world situations. 

Program Coordinator M.S. in Teaching and Learning
Dr. Nella Anderson

Dr. Nella B. Anderson's academic and professional background spans the fields of general education, special education, educational technology, and teacher leadership. Dr. Anderson holds current teaching certificates in Teacher of Young Children, Special Education, and Educational Diagnostician.

Her professional career has been spent leading educational programs in the implementation of innovative projects. Dr. Anderson loves spending time with her family and animals, exploring the local hills, and attending festivals. Dr. Anderson holds a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology/Individual Differences.

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