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Your leadership role in information technology management awaits, and earning your master’s degree might just be what you need to stand out from the crowd.

Take your love of computers and information further by earning your online master’s degree in information technology management from CSU-Global. Through this program, you learn to lead in the fast-paced technology sector of today’s global organizations.

This program is designed to prepare you for a wide variety of leadership roles within technology-rich environments. You will learn to apply global perspectives and essential leadership tools to the planning and efficient implementation of IT operations to meet organizational objectives.



Earning your master’s degree shows you have excellent critical thinking and decision making skills. Earning it at CSU-Global means you already have a firm grasp these important leadership skills. Our promise to you is an affordable education with low tuition rates guaranteed not to increase for as long as you are enrolled, with no student fees or out-of-state tuition up charges.

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We know you’re busy, but school can fit into your professional, family, and other life obligations. Our year-round, 100% online classes give you the flexibility to learn and study when it’s most convenient for you.

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Completing your specialization at the graduate level allows you to further demonstrate your mastery in a specific career-relevant area. Specializations within the Online Master’s Degree in the Information Technology Management program range from business intelligence to cyber security.

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student_Kimberly-Newell.jpg"My courses at CSU-Global have been challenging and fun. Professors encourage critical reasoning and writing and appreciate all points of view. The discussion boards are a great way to share opinions, knowledge and experience and be able to initiate dialog and learning. The course materials are stimulating and the portfolio projects provide the opportunity to use my research and writing skills."

- Kimberly Newell, Student



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