Learn to recognize cyber threats, prevent cybercrime, and secure sensitive information.

You believe people and organizations have a right to keep their digital information secure in today’s global infrastructure. With CSU-Global's Cyber Security program, you can become the digital protection individuals and businesses seek to keep their sensitive information out of the wrong hands.

In this program, you will gain the advanced knowledge and skills you need to secure data and protect assets. You will cover topics such as security management, risk and vulnerability controls, data encryption, cybercrime combat, and how to recognize potential threats.

This program consists of four graduate online cyber security courses for a total of 12 credit hours.

  • ISM527: Cyber Security Management
    This course provides insight into the complex implementation and management of cyber security practices. Students perform risk assessments and recommend mitigations to protect digital assets in the workplace as well as discuss disaster recovery, incident handling, cyber security policy implementation, privacy, and legal issues related to cyber security.
  • ISM529: Emerging Cyber Security Technology, Threats, and Defense
    This course provides students with the opportunity to explore and examine emerging trends and technology in cyber security. Students analyze organizations and review the feasibility of adopting new cyber security trends in order to provide competitive advantages in the workplace. This course also evaluates necessary policy and procedure changes within the context of the continued evolution of technology.
  • ISM530: Enterprise Cyber Security
    This course provides students with insight into the cyber security issues surrounding an enterprise including securing organizational data, responding to cyber based security breaches, emerging technologies, and ensuring a secured computing environment for safeguarding company information.
  • ISM531: Cyber Security Defense and Countermeasures
    The Cyber Security Defense and Countermeasures course prepares students to defend enterprise networks from web based and internal attacks using techniques such as system hardening, encryption, policy enforcement and software/ hardware intrusion detection systems to protect enterprise data assets.


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You have two options for completing your online cyber security program:


infographic_other-cert1.jpgA Non-Degree Certificate of Completion

Quickly enhance your resume by gaining knowledge and skills in a specific area that meets your career goals.

If you decide you’re interested in earning your full degree at a later date, the credits you earned in your Certificate of Completion program can count towards your degree!

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