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At CSU Global, our mission is providing students with a quality education and skills to use in the workplace. CSU Global seeks to help students from all backgrounds to succeed in earning a career-relevant, 100% online degree. We care deeply about student success, and want to help students thrive from the time of enrollment until they graduate with a CSU Global degree.

The Pride of a Global University

With our GoGlobal Scholarship, eligible students who start classes at CSU Global beginning in the Fall D term (October 7, 2019 start date) and subsequent eligible terms, will receive funding to cover $65 per credit hour for up to 36 undergraduate credits, or up to 18 graduate credits during their degree program. We’re offering the GoGlobal scholarship for students to move forward with their education, from anywhere worldwide.

How It Works

We designed the GoGlobal Scholarship to provide students with support throughout the academic journey with us. Students who meet the criteria and start classes in an eligible term are qualified to receive the GoGlobal scholarship.

The first part of the scholarship kicks in after students complete their first three courses at CSU Global. Then, more scholarship funds are disbursed toward the end of the degree program, providing some additional motivation as students approach graduation.



Please note our new award structure for 2019: Students who transfer in fewer than 75 credits are eligible for 36 credits of discounted tuition. Students who transfer in 75 or more credits are eligible for a minimum of 21 credits of discounted tuition.


  • Applicants must be fully admitted, beginning a new enrollment in a degree program at CSU Global, and starting in one of the designated eligible terms.
  • Conditionally admitted students are not eligible.
  • Students enrolled in bachelor’s degree programs must maintain a minimum 2.3 GPA.
  • Students enrolled in master’s degree programs must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA. 
  • Current students are not eligible with the exception of graduation upgrades. 
  • Graduation upgrade students must complete their current degree program and begin new degree program enrollment in an eligible GoGlobal scholarship term.
  • Re-entry students may be eligible if more than one year has passed since the last date of attendance.
  • Open to undergraduate and graduate degree-seeking students only.
  • Applicants are subject to all institutional scholarship terms and conditions.
  • Scholarship funds can only be applied to courses that fulfill a degree requirement (core, specialization, or elective).
  • Scholarship funds may be applied to CSU Global courses (on a per credit basis) or to CSU Global SSA or PLA (on a per fee basis). Courses, PLAs, and SSAs count equally toward the total number of scholarship credits awarded.
  • Undergraduate recipients will receive a maximum amount of $2,340 ($65 per credit hour or SSA/PLA fee for up to 36 credits), and graduate recipients will receive a maximum amount of $1,170 ($65 per credit hour) for the duration of their degree program after successful completion of nine credits at CSU Global.
  • Students must be in good financial standing according to CSU Global to receive scholarship funds for any given term.
  • Students who enroll through university partners are unfortunately not eligible for the GoGlobal scholarship at this time.

Recipients will forfeit any remaining scholarship funds should one or more of the following occur:

  • They postpone initial enrollment.
  • They are placed on SAP Probation or SAP Academic Suspension at any time during their degree program.
  • They are withdrawn from the university at any time during their degree program.
  • They take longer than six years, if an undergraduate student, or three years, if a graduate student, to complete their degree.

How to Apply


ScholarshipUniverse - How to Apply:

icon-envelope.pngLogin to your CSU Global email account.

icon-globe.pngOnce logged in, visit csuglobal.scholarshipuniverse.com
(you may need to refresh your browser)

icon-pencil.pngSet-up your  Scholarship Universe account following the prompts on screen.

icon-cirlclecheck.pngClick "I'm Ready" to begin your application!


Please contact your Enrollment Counselor.


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