CSU-Global Campus is dedicated to improving lives all across this great state. In recognition of this fact, we’re offering scholarships to residents of Colorado looking to continue their education.

State Pride From A Global University

With our Go Colorado Scholarship, eligible Colorado residents who start in classes at CSU-Global for the first time in March or April 2016 will receive funding to cover $65 per credit hour for 36 undergraduate credits or 18 graduate credits during their degree program. 

The best part is, with CSU-Global, you don’t have to give up on your Colorado lifestyle to do it! With our flexible scheduling, you can fit in earning your degree without putting other priorities on hold. So you can still spend your days exploring the Colorado outdoors before completing your coursework when it's convenient for you.

This scholarship furthers our university’s mission of expanding the state economy and helping enhance the quality of life for citizens in Colorado. 

Contact an Enrollment Counselor today by calling 1-800-920-6723 to get started. Let's work to build a more educated Colorado together!

How It Works

Colorado residents who meet the eligibility criteria and start classes in either the Spring-A or Spring-B term will receive this scholarship. But this scholarship isn't just about getting you started, it's designed to get you all the way to graduation! 

The first part of your scholarship kicks in after you've proven that you can be successful in our 100% online environment by completing your first three courses at CSU-Global. Then it comes back at the end of your degree program, as a little extra motivation as you approach graduation.

Go Colorado Infographic

Complete the form to the right or contact an Enrollment Counselor at 1-800-920-6723 to get started.      

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants must be current Colorado residents beginning a new enrollment in a degree program at CSU-Global in the Spring-A (starting 3/7/2016) or Spring-B (starting 4/4/2016) term.
  • Students must be able to provide proof of residency in Colorado at the time of registration in their first term. The following are considered valid proof of residency in the state of Colorado if they show a date from within the past 6 months along with applicant’s name and Colorado address:
    • Income Sources (Pay stubs, Social Security check stubs)
    • Utility Bills (phone, electric, gas, cable, etc.)
    • State Income tax documents (as full time resident)
    • Leasehold -Lease Agreements – Rent receipts
    • Motor Vehicle Registration
    • Voter Registration Card
  • Current students are not eligible. Re-entry students may be eligible if more than one year has passed since last date of attendance.
  • Open to undergraduate and graduate degree-seeking students only.
  • Applicants are subject to all institutional scholarship terms and conditions.
  • Scholarship funds can only be applied to courses that fulfill a degree requirement (core, specialization, or elective).
  • Scholarship funds may be applied to CSU-Global courses (on a per credit basis) or to CSU-Global CBE or PLA (on a per fee basis).  Courses, PLAs, and CBEs count equally toward the total number of scholarship credits awarded.  
  • Undergraduate recipients will receive a maximum amount of $2340 ($65 per credit hour or CBE/PLA fee for 36 credits) and graduate recipients will receive a maximum amount of $1170 ($65 per credit hour or CBE/PLA fee for 18 credits) for the duration of their degree program after successful completion of nine credits at CSU-Global.
  • Students must be in Good Financial Standing to receive scholarship funds for any given term.
  • Recipients will forfeit any remaining scholarship funds should any of the following occur:
    • They postpone initial enrollment to after 2015-2016 Winter-A or Winter-B terms.
    • They are placed on SAP Probation or SAP Academic Suspension at any time during their degree program.
    • They are withdrawn from the university at any time during their degree program.
    • They take longer than six (6) years if undergraduate student or three (3) years if graduate student to complete their degree.

How to Apply

  1. Click here to apply for admission to the university. Contact an Enrollment Counselor at 800-920-6723 or email Admissions@CSUGlobal.edu if you have any questions.
  2. Once you have been admitted, you will be asked to submit documentation as proof of residency.
  3. Once your residency has been approved, your scholarship will be added to your student account.


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