Continued Excellence Scholarship

You've proven you can do it. Now's the time to get it done.

Sometimes life takes you away from paths you start on. If you were previously passing courses with good grades, and were on your way to earning a degree, but had to take a break for one reason or another, we want to help you get back on track. Or, if you’ve proven you have what it takes to excel in college by earning your associate's degree, why not see how many new doors a bachelor's degree might open?

The scholarship will be awarded to all qualified regular admission students, who start at the university in the Winter-D (starting 2/11/2019). Undergraduate recipients will receive up to $350 for the first term.

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Specific Criteria

  • All eligibility requirements must be met by the student at the time of acceptance to the university.
  • Applicants must be fully admitted to the university and enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program.
  • Applications must be completed in full and submitted with an attached signature.
  • Employees of the Colorado State University System are not eligible for CSU Global institutional scholarships.
  • Students can receive only one scholarship per award period, and award amounts apply to future courses only.
  • Scholarship award recipients will be determined solely by CSU Global. All decisions are final.
  • Recipients must pay all student account balances prior to receiving scholarship awards.
  • Recipients must be in Good Academic Standing with the university, as defined in the catalog, and maintain quality academic progress while being awarded the scholarship.
  • Scholarships do not apply to overlapping terms.
  • Award amounts apply to CSU Global tuition only. Additional educational expenses are the recipient’s responsibility.
  • Policies are subject to change at the sole discretion of the scholarship committee or the university.

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