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8 Study Tips for Online Students

Motivation and self-discipline are required to be successful as an online student. Here are 8 tips for studying studying smarter—not harder.

college student with a laptop

My Journey From Community College to CSU Global

As a CSU Global alumni, I wanted to share how I navigated my educational journey as a transfer student from community college. Choosing the right college is an important decision; for me, CSU Global was the right choice. Attending Community College First By the time I began my pursuit of college education, I had been …

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How to Revolutionize Your To-Do List with Bullet Journaling

Bullet journaling — a method of planning out tasks, important dates, and long-term goals in an easy-to-read bulleted format — has been getting a lot of attention over the past few years. Devotees hail the format as life-changing, citing higher productivity levels, a clearer sense of long-term goals, and reduced levels of stress.  According to …

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Why We “Speak” APA in Academics

Understanding what APA style is, and how to use it correctly, will help you skillfully speak the language of academia. Learn more about why APA is the standard.

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SuccessReady® Career Skills Prepare Students for Career Success

When applying for a job, you may think a degree and technical skills on their own are enough to get your foot in the door — but more is needed for continued career success and advancement. In recent years, employers have reported a “gap” for their employees in the realm of “soft skills”. This means …


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