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How Does Mentoring Benefit Online Students? Part 1

In this two-part series, CSU Global Alum Kimberly Hardy shares how students who learn in an online (nontraditional) environment can benefit from developing a relationship with a mentor. In part 1, she gives an overview of what mentoring can do for students in a virtual setting. Going back to school can give you a new …

How Do Online Universities Assist Military Students?

How Do Online Universities Assist Military Students?

Students who are current or former military members bring their unique experiences to the academic and civilian careers. To prepare them for their chosen field, it is important that these students receive services and support tailored to their unique needs and goals. Online learning may be an ideal path for military students, in the event …

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How to Connect with Classmates in an Online Learning Environment

Being a distance-learning student is a different experience from learning in a traditional environment. What doesn’t have to be so different, however, is the ability to make connections and stay in touch with classmates. Getting to Know Your Classmates Introduce yourself. Usually the first discussion in an online class involves introductions. Use this as an …

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College and University Rankings: More Like a Puzzle Piece Than a Road Map

For prospective and transfer students, the most nerve-racking decision is often choosing the right school to attend. There are a number of questions that arise during the decision-making process: How affordable is the tuition? Are financial aid and scholarships available? Which degree programs and courses does the university offer? Are the mission and values in …

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Online College Course Survival Guide Part 3: Support Services

Support Services When I was thinking about taking online courses, my concern was that I would not have access to the same support as at a traditional college. But if you take the time to research, evaluate and choose carefully before enrolling, you’ll find that a good online college provides the same support services, including …


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