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3 Tips for Setting Goals and Sticking With Them

The truth is, we all struggle. We all have a hard time once in awhile. That is why setting goals and working toward them is better than giving up or feeling sorry for yourself because you didn’t make a plan or didn’t try. Personally, I’ve been pursuing my bachelor’s degree at a few colleges — …

Community College

My Journey From Community College to CSU-Global

As a recent graduate from Colorado State University-Global Campus, I thought I would share how I navigated my educational journey as a transfer student from community college to CSU Global. Choosing the right college is an important decision; and for myself and my needs, CSU Global was the right choice. Why I Chose to Attend …


How Can Online Students Connect with Classmates?

As a modern learner, your experience is likely to be different from that of a traditional student, who takes classes full-time and on a physical campus. Perhaps you study during lunch breaks or during your daily commute. You may be balancing school work with your career, family life, or community involvement. Community involvement and interaction …


A Day in the Life of a CSU-Global Student

In this blog post, recent CSU Global graduate/alumnus Breanna Dahlin describes a typical day from her experience as a student. Two years ago, I was taking online courses at two different colleges, because the online options at each  were very limited. Since I was working in a full-time position, I did not have the ability to attend …


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