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online student studying with a child on his lap

8 Study Tips for Online Students

Motivation and self-discipline are required to be successful as an online student. Here are 8 tips for studying studying smarter—not harder.

person in front of laptop following steps to protect themselves from being hacked

Identity Theft: 6 Tips to Protect Yourself from Getting Hacked

If you think cybercrime only happens in the movies, think again. Year over year, the number of cyberattacks on individuals, specifically identity theft, continues to rise. But there are steps you can take to protect yourself from getting hacked. According to the 2019 Identity Fraud Study from Javelin Strategy & Research, the number of consumers …

college student with a laptop

My Journey From Community College to CSU Global

As a CSU Global alumni, I wanted to share how I navigated my educational journey as a transfer student from community college. Choosing the right college is an important decision; for me, CSU Global was the right choice. Attending Community College First By the time I began my pursuit of college education, I had been …

photo of goldie

Happy Birthday Goldie!

Happy birthday, Goldie!A little something for you in honor of Goldie’s birthday: We’re waiving the $25 application fee through May 31! Just use promo code GOLDIE when you apply during the month of May. As our mascot celebrates another trip around the sun, we’re taking this special day, May 14, to take a closer look …


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