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Get the Most out of Career Coaching

Career coaching helps individuals flesh out career trajectories and more clearly define their goals. It’s typically conducted either in person or virtually by a coaching specialist or an expert in a given field.  Career coaching takes into account your personal interests, educational goals, past work experience, and more to map out a career path that …

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Benefits of Leadership Training

I recently attended The Young Dairy Leaders Institute (YDLI), which is a three-phase leader communication development program for young adults working in the dairy industry. In this training, I developed skills and the personal network I needed to gain success in today’s dairy business. I already feel like I’m now a better leader in my …

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3 Tips for Setting Goals and Sticking With Them

The truth is, we all struggle. We all have a hard time once in awhile. That is why setting goals and working toward them is better than giving up or feeling sorry for yourself because you didn’t make a plan or didn’t try. Personally, I’ve been pursuing my bachelor’s degree at a few colleges — …

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Taking a Quick Break from Courses? Keep Your Brain in Learning Mode

Traditional students usually have a few breaks during the school year and for summer months, which can be both beneficial and detrimental to learning, depending on how they use their off-time. As a nontraditional student at CSU Global, you have more control over when you take your breaks, since courses start on a monthly basis, …

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The Winning 2018 Resume Template for Career Success

Makeda Waterman is a career blogger whose work has been featured on Glassdoor, CNBC, and other media outlets. Here, she shares her advice and tips for creating a resume that will impress potential employers. As I stepped into my first college class, I had a dream of completing my degree so I could find my …


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