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What Makes a Successful Leader?

Great leadership is something that is highly sought after but also often misunderstood. Leadership isn’t simply sitting behind a desk, telling other people what to do. Sure, that might be a small part of it, but good leadership involves much more. Successful business leaders have to know when they are working too hard. That may …

Getting Hired for a Healthcare Administration Job

How to Get the Raise You Deserve

You work hard, and it’s natural to expect that you will be fairly compensated for your efforts. Whether you’re in your first job or you’re a seasoned professional, you have likely considered asking for a raise in order to meet your financial goals or as a reward for a job well done. Here, we’ll explore …

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Using Your Job to Foster Goodwill in Your Community

Today’s workforce mostly comprises millennials, a generation that values charitable giving, volunteering, and social responsibility more than any other — and employers are taking notice.  While major corporations like Bank of America, Merck, and Deloitte have offered employee volunteer and giving programs for many years, companies of all sizes and industries are beginning to offer …

Healthcare Administrators at Work

The Most Common Personality Traits In Successful People

Although you can’t exactly up and change your personality just to be successful, there are a few traits that you can recognize within yourself and nurture so that you’ll get into a better mindset for success. Many successful people have already recognized these traits within themselves and worked on them to get optimize their ability …

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How Volunteering Can Expand Your Network

Using your time and talents to help others enriches not just their lives but your own, as well, as volunteering has been shown to combat psychological issues like stress, anger, and anxiety.  Beyond that, volunteering can also give your career a boost by helping you create new connections, gain meaningful experiences working on a team, …


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