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My Journey From Community College to CSU-Global

As a recent graduate from Colorado State University-Global Campus, I thought I would share how I navigated my educational journey as a transfer student from community college to CSU-Global. Choosing the right college is an important decision; and for myself and my needs, CSU-Global was the right choice. Why I Chose to Attend Community College …


A Day in the Life of a CSU-Global Student

In this blog post, recent CSU-Global graduate/alumnus Breanna Dahlin describes a typical day from her experience as a student. Two years ago, I was taking online courses at two different colleges, because the online options at each  were very limited. Since I was working in a full-time position, I did not have the ability to attend classes …

Nonprofit vs For-Profit Universities: What’s the Difference?

When you’re making the important choice of where to advance your education, you’ll be faced with several options. Here, we explore an important distinction in higher education: nonprofit versus for-profit universities. Nonprofit online universities are either part of a larger state system (just as CSU-Global is a part of the larger Colorado State University system) …

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What is FAFSA and Why Should I Care?

When faced with pressure related to employment, education, and personal issues, it’s no wonder that some students may find it challenging to maintain balance. Whether it’s due to unexpected vehicle maintenance or deciding to add another course to your workload, life can get expensive. Luckily, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, makes …


Benefits of Networking on LinkedIn

In this blog post, CSU-Global’s Student Experience Specialist Lauren Galena outlines best practices and benefits of networking on LinkedIn. Expanding one’s personal and professional networks is an added benefit of continuing education. While exact numbers vary, it’s known that many job seekers find a position based on referrals from people in their network. Establishing a …


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