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dr michael skiba emcee csu global commencement

CSU Global Celebrates Spring 2021 Commencement

On Saturday, June 5, CSU Global celebrated the achievements of its class of 2021 during a virtual—yet engaging and inspiring—Spring Commencement Ceremony. This event incorporated many elements of a traditional ceremony, as well as a few modern twists—all expertly hosted by CSU Global’s Program Director for Criminal Justice, Dr. Michael Skiba.  Reception Vignettes Leading up …

cyber scams in college

How to Protect Yourself From Cyber Scams That Target College Students

Data breaches for those in educational environments—whether that’s on-campus or online—are on the rise. Education scams have more than doubled in just a few years. For the younger, more traditional college-age students, they can often fall victim to scam because they rarely check their credit reports. An “ignorance is bliss” mentality makes them a prime …


Learning the Ropes and Digging for Clues

If you ever consider fudging some numbers on an insurance claim—think again. Insurance companies have entire teams of highly trained professionals whose sole job is to identify fraud.


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