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Why We “Speak” APA in Academics

Understanding what APA style is, and how to use it correctly, will help you skillfully speak the language of academia. Learn more about why APA is the standard.

Opening New Doors With an Online Degree

Earning a four-year degree can be an imposing goal for any student, regardless of where he/she is in life. Understanding the real-world expectations as a college learner — the concept of paying for something and then having to work really hard for it — is intimidating. The high school perception of what college will be …


CSU-Global’s Personalized and Affordable Pathways for Student Success

CSU-Global was established over 10 years ago with a total commitment to student success — a mission to provide an online learning experience that would be affordable and accessible to nontraditional learners. Today, we continue on our mission to offer high-quality and career-relevant education to modern learners, in a way that’s affordable and can be …


SuccessReady® Career Skills Prepare Students for Career Success

When applying for a job, you may think a degree and technical skills on their own are enough to get your foot in the door — but more is needed for continued career success and advancement. In recent years, employers have reported a “gap” for their employees in the realm of “soft skills”. This means …


Online Education Can Benefit Students Living in Rural Areas — Here’s How

Students living in rural areas tend to live and work farther from higher-education institutions — including community colleges — than their suburban- and urban-dwelling counterparts. This inconvenience equates to lower rates of college and university attendance for rural students, as well as fewer opportunities to advance in their careers and earn higher salaries. Online learning can present solutions to …


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