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Environmental Benefits of Online Education

As humans’ negative impact on the environment becomes increasingly apparent, Americans are beginning to take action. According to recent studies conducted by the Pew Research Center, vast majorities of those surveyed indicated that they took steps in their daily lives to reduce food waste, reliance on single-use plastics, and water consumption.  As you consider your …

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IT Technologies as a Necessary Component of the Education System

The IT-powered education system has opened new opportunities for students and provided new resources for teachers. Innovative tools and services that we use today significantly facilitate the studying process and boost educational effectiveness.  If you wonder why information technologies are considered as an essential component of the modern education system, keep reading. Education Accessible to …

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CSU Global’s Personalized and Affordable Pathways for Student Success

CSU Global was established in 2007 and designed to provide an affordable, accessible-learning experience for modern learners. Our mission to provide high-quality, career-relevant education continues to this day in a modern structure that’s adaptable to our students’ unique lifestyles and career goals. At CSU Global, our strategy prioritizes flexibility above all. We’re constantly evolving, evaluating …

How Do Employers Feel About Online Degrees

How Do Employers Feel About Online Degrees?

Do Employers Take Online Degrees Seriously? There’s no doubt that earning a university degree is an important step in advancing your career and earning a better income. Though, for many people, work and family schedules make it difficult to attend classes on a traditional campus. Taking online courses provides individuals with much-needed flexibility and allows …

Why We “Speak” APA in Academics

Understanding what APA style is, and how to use it correctly, will help you skillfully speak the language of academia. Learn more about why APA is the standard.


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