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CSU Global’s Personalized and Affordable Pathways for Student Success

CSU Global was established in 2007 and designed to provide an affordable, accessible-learning experience for modern learners. Our mission to provide high-quality, career-relevant education continues to this day in a modern structure that’s adaptable to our students’ unique lifestyles and career goals. At CSU Global, our strategy prioritizes flexibility above all. We’re constantly evolving, evaluating …

When You Don’t Need It All at Once: How Stackable Credentials Support Lifelong Learning and Career Progression

In today’s competitive, fast-paced, and increasingly automated environment, lifelong learning is more important than ever. Not long ago, a bachelor’s degree was perceived as the “golden ticket” to a living wage and long-term career progression. The Master of Business Administration, or similar master’s degree, served as the pathway to senior-level management and executive leadership roles …


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