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5 ways to succeed in information technology

5 Ways to Succeed in Information Technology

Are you pursuing a career in IT? Have you considered what it takes to be successful in the industry? Is it good technical skills?  Of course — but there’s more than just great technical ability involved in becoming a successful IT professional.  Below are five essential steps toward becoming an IT professional: Identify Your Specialization.In …

impact of data breaches

Global Security and the Impact of Data Breaches: International Trends in Economic Crime

Because of his experience investigating cyber criminals, ranging from organized criminal syndicates to “mom and pop” teams, and terrorist cells, CSU-Global Criminal Justice Program Coordinator Michael Skiba is able to speak with authority on international cyber security and crime. In this presentation, he shares knowledge on white collar criminals, specifically cyber criminals, and how they …

5 careers in public relations

Five Careers in Public Relations

While public relations is a VERY broad career category, with dozens of possibilities, all PR-related professions share one key qualification — an expert ability to write and craft messaging to multiple audiences. PR writing skills apply in any industry that requires clear, concise external and internal communications such as newsletters, website content, advertising, white papers, …

A New Playbook for Higher Education

An interview with Becky Takeda-Tinker, Ph.D. author of Impacting the Future of Higher Education: Insight Into a New Model That Works for Students, Academic Institutions, and America Dr. Becky Takeda-Tinker, President and CEO of CSU-Global, the first and only 100 percent online, nonprofit, independently accredited state university, has shared her roadmap for negotiating the changing …

Top 5 Emergency Management Jobs for College Graduates

Vicki Miller, Ph.D Emergency Management, has been teaching online undergraduate and graduate emergency management courses for 10 years. With additional degrees and certifications in disaster management and Homeland Security, she has 11 years of direct experience in emergency management, hazardous materials, and disaster response efforts.  She is also a certified emergency manager through the International …


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