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4 Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Career Path

On average, we spend around one-third of our lives at work. Therefore, it is important to pause and reflect on the type of career, job, and field of work that we would want to spend that amount of time in. It is said that those who enjoy their job never work a day in their …

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Empowering Women to the C-Suite – Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Climbing the corporate ladder and entering the C-suite ー that is, the inner circle of executive leadership at companies ー is a dream many professionals hold dear. A rise to the top of an organization takes many years and a lot of hard work but results in substantially larger paychecks, a widened sphere of influence, …

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The Tau Conceptual Framework for Understanding Healthcare and Human Services Programs

Earlier this month, Dr. Kenneth Gossett traveled to Oxford University, in the United Kingdom, to  present his conceptual model for understanding and improvement of healthcare programs at the Oxford Research Symposium. He presented the Tau Conceptual Framework, on behalf of Colorado State University-Global Campus, to researchers from around the world. Here, he shares how he …

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Data Security for the Hospitality Industry – Risks and Best Practices

Data Security for the Hospitality Industry – Risks and Best Practices Information security is a pivotal aspect of many industries — including that of hospitality, due to the data collection by companies operating within hospitality. Hotels, motels, resorts, and rented apartment complexes all gather and electronically store a range of sensitive personal guest data, such …

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Never Attended a Conference? Here’s What It’s Worth To Your Career

There are many ways to advance in your career, including earning a certificate to learn a new skill set, setting and meeting professional goals, and earning an advanced degree. However, there’s another, often overlooked, way to learn more about your industry and become more successful in your career: attending a conference. If you’ve never attended …


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