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The Winning 2018 Resume Template for Career Success

Makeda Waterman is a career blogger whose work has been featured on Glassdoor, CNBC, and other media outlets. Here, she shares her advice and tips for creating a resume that will impress potential employers. As I stepped into my first college class, I had a dream of completing my degree so I could find my …

How Do Employers Feel About Online Degrees

How Do Employers Feel About Online Degrees?

There’s no doubt that earning a college degree is an important step in advancing your career and earning a better income for yourself and your family. Though, for many people, work and family schedules make it difficult to attend classes on a traditional campus. Taking online courses provides individuals with much-needed flexibility and allows students …

Job Search Tips from Andrew Hudson

Job Search Tips from Andrew Hudson

In recognition of our recent Andrew Hudson Job List/CSU-Global: Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Finding a Job event, we’ve highlighted some of career expert Andrew Hudson’s top job search tips. Andrew Hudson is the founder and CEO of Colorado’s popular job search site andrewhudsonsjobslist.com. The job-seeking process can feel overwhelming, time-consuming, and even …


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