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Careers in Criminal Justice

Exploring Careers in Criminal Justice

Whether your career goal is to climb the ladder at the FBI, work as a crime scene investigator, or become a police officer in your own community, you’ll discover that numerous possibilities are available to you with a degree in criminal justice. Through 2026, this field is expected to grow seven percent. What does this …

Organizational Leadership

Three Traits of an Effective Organizational Leader

Organizational leadership is a natural fit for people who want to effectively lead organizations for business success. Organizational leaders in every industry are expected to lead training initiatives, plan and implement new and updated programs, and negotiate contracts. This requires an education and background in which professionals have achieved solid and effective communication, business law …

Healthcare Administration: What’s New, Now, and Next

If you enjoy creating strategies, working with health related data, and have a desire to take on a leadership role within the rapidly-growing healthcare field, a career in healthcare administration and management might be a great fit. The healthcare administration and management field is growing at a 20-percent rate, which is much faster than the …


LinkedIn Summary Tips for Success

LinkedIn can assist you in your job search by connecting you with others in your chosen industry. Recruiters and employers are constantly searching for fresh talent to help take companies to the next level. Whether you are looking for a career change or a higher-level position in your desired field, having a LinkedIn profile is …

6 Tips for Writing a Successful Cover Letter

A good cover letter is an integral part of any job or internship application. Companies receive many applications, which is why having a thoughtful, well-written cover letter is your best chance to stand out. Here are six tips for writing a successful cover letter. 1.Get Specific Be sure to specifically address the company you’re applying …


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