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Want to Advance Your Career? Join a Professional Organization

There are many benefits of joining a professional organization, from getting to know others in your field to learning industry trends and developing expertise that’s necessary to advance your career. Professional organizations serve to advance their respective industries by promoting the interests of those who work within the field, as well as to garner public …


SuccessReady® Career Skills Prepare Students for Career Success

When applying for a job, you may think a degree and technical skills on their own are enough to get your foot in the door — but more is needed for continued career success and advancement. In recent years, employers have reported a “gap” for their employees in the realm of “soft skills”. This means …

Career in Marketing

Four Traits of Successful Marketing Professionals

Are you passionate about expressing your ideas? Do you find yourself telling friends about great new products and services you’ve tried? Then you may be a natural marketer. People who work in the marketing field contribute to businesses’ success by promoting the brand, products, and services of organizations. Successful marketers in every industry are responsible …

When You Don’t Need It All at Once: How Stackable Credentials Support Lifelong Learning and Career Progression

In today’s competitive, fast-paced, and increasingly automated environment, lifelong learning is more important than ever. Not long ago, a bachelor’s degree was perceived as the “golden ticket” to a living wage and long-term career progression. The Master of Business Administration, or similar master’s degree, served as the pathway to senior-level management and executive leadership roles …


How Can Career Navigation Services Help Modern Learners?

One of the primary reasons people pursue a degree or certificate is to achieve a career goal — whether that’s to earn a promotion, get a pay raise, or transition to a new career. Therefore, it’s important for modern learners to have a plan as they strive toward academic and career success. CSU-Global’s Career Navigation …


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