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Choosing a Career That Fits Your Personality

When deciding on a college major or a career path, some people choose what fits their skills or aptitudes, while others choose what fits their passions by finding something they’re excited about. But what about choosing a major or career that matches your personality? There are many aspects of a job that can make you …

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How Can Career Navigation Services Help Modern Learners?

One of the primary reasons people pursue a degree or certificate is to achieve a career goal — whether that’s to earn a promotion, get a pay raise, or transition to a new career. Therefore, it’s important for modern learners to have a plan as they strive toward academic and career success. CSU Global’s Career …

Organizational Leadership

Three Traits of an Effective Organizational Leader

Organizational leadership is a natural fit for people who want to effectively lead organizations for business success. Organizational leaders in every industry are expected to lead training initiatives, plan and implement new and updated programs, and negotiate contracts. This requires an education and background in which professionals have achieved solid and effective communication, business law …

Management Information Systems Work

Exploring Careers in Technology

When the topic of tomorrow’s jobs — the future of the workforce and workplace — is brought into conversation, the first thing that comes to the minds of many is technology. This ever-growing, ever-changing field presents a growing number of career and advancement opportunities, and this trend is unlikely to slow down anytime soon. If …

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Is an Education Career Right for You?

Have you always had a passion for education? Do you see yourself in a long-term career as an educator, with advancement potential? The number of opportunities in the education field is steadily growing, with a projected growth of nine percent between 2016 and 2026, compared to an average of about seven percent for all occupations. …


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