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SuccessReady® Career Skills Prepare Students for Career Success

When applying for a job, you may think a degree and technical skills on their own are enough to get your foot in the door — but more is needed for continued career success and advancement. In recent years, employers have reported a “gap” for their employees in the realm of “soft skills”. This means …


How Can Career Navigation Services Help Modern Learners?

One of the primary reasons people pursue a degree or certificate is to achieve a career goal — whether that’s to earn a promotion, get a pay raise, or transition to a new career. Therefore, it’s important for modern learners to have a plan as they strive toward academic and career success. CSU-Global’s Career Navigation …


Exploring Careers in Accounting

If you’re considered the “numbers expert” by people you know, or if you’ve always had an interest in or passion for mathematics, a career in accounting may be a great fit for you. Career opportunities are available in just about any industry, with many of them yielding lucrative salaries. Many companies need qualified professionals with …

Healthcare Admin

Is a Career in Healthcare Administration Right for You?

Have you always been interested in the behind-the-scenes perspective of how hospitals, treatment centers, and clinics operate? If so, there are numerous careers that match your interest in healthcare with your need for an environment that doesn’t involve directly working with patients. The number of opportunities in the healthcare industry is rapidly growing, with a …

Exploring Careers in Project Management

Businesses worldwide seek problem solvers who can effectively and efficiently carry out projects to meet goals. With a degree in the challenging, yet rewarding, field of project management, you can use your natural leadership and planning skills to help businesses reach their organizational goals. Bachelor’s and master’s degrees in project management will equip you with …


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