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Business Managers in a Meeting

How to Become a Business Manager

Want to become a business manager? Visit CSU Global’s Blog to find out everything you need to know about launching a career in business management.

Business Manager in a Meeting

What Does a Business Manager Do?

What do business managers actually do each day? CSU Global explains what business managers really do and why you should consider a degree in the field.

Business Management Meeting

What is Business Management?

CSU Global explains what Business Management is, what jobs you can get with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in it, and why you should consider studying it.

Pic of Colorado river

Giving Back for the Global Good: Dan Edwards

“Giving Back for the Global Good” is an excerpt taken from the 2019 CSU Global Data Book. If you’re looking for Dan Edwards, head down to the river. You’ll likely find him there, dressed in waders, casting flies for hours, in search of the day’s great catch. Fly fishing is his hobby — one that …


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