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4 Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Career Path

On average, we spend around one-third of our lives at work. Therefore, it is important to pause and reflect on the type of career, job, and field of work that we would want to spend that amount of time in. It is said that those who enjoy their job never work a day in their …

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Opening New Doors With an Online Degree

Earning a four-year degree can be an imposing goal for any student, regardless of where he/she is in life. Understanding the real-world expectations as a college learner — the concept of paying for something and then having to work really hard for it — is intimidating. The high school perception of what college will be …

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How Can Career Navigation Services Help Modern Learners?

One of the primary reasons people pursue a degree or certificate is to achieve a career goal — whether that’s to earn a promotion, get a pay raise, or transition to a new career. Therefore, it’s important for modern learners to have a plan as they strive toward academic and career success. CSU Global’s Career …

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Success Tips From Moms and Teachers

In recognition of Mother’s Day and Teacher Appreciation week, CSU Global’s faculty and staff members share the best advice and tips for success they’ve received from their mothers, the mother figures in their lives, and their teachers. The best advice/tip for success that my mother or a mother figure gave me was…. “The importance of …


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