modern learners on laptops

CSU Global was established in 2007 and designed to provide an affordable, accessible-learning experience for modern learners. Our mission to provide high-quality, career-relevant education continues to this day in a modern structure that’s adaptable to our students’ unique lifestyles and career goals.

At CSU Global, our strategy prioritizes flexibility above all. We’re constantly evolving, evaluating our educational programs, and seeking out feedback to ensure that our students get the best return on their investments. So how do we make sure that our students are on the best track?

Affordable Tuition

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the average price of tuition rose nearly 25 percent between 2007 and 2016, which is a real problem for working students trying to make ends meet. That’s why, at CSU Global, we haven’t raised tuition in more than eight years.

Most universities raise their tuition annually, in addition to charging more to out-of-state students. Not us. We’ve been charging the same $350 per undergraduate credit hour and $500 per graduate credit hour for the better part of a decade. Better yet, our Tuition Guarantee means that your tuition rates are locked in — you’ll pay the same rate from the day you enroll to the day you graduate, even if our rates go up.

Take Your Own Path

We know that our students come from a wide variety of backgrounds and circumstances, so there’s no one solution that fits everyone. That’s why we offer customized paths to courses, certificates, and degrees. Whether you’re seeking a certificate or focused on obtaining a degree, our program offerings allow you to find your own approach to your education.

  • Alternative credit options — CSU Global accepts alternative credits from Information Technology certifications, military experience, and various credit by exam options.
  • Prior Learning Assessments — This allows you to earn credits by demonstrating previous professional and life experiences through a portfolio of work you create, in accordance with program guidelines.
  • Self Study Assessments — With self-study, you’ll get study materials and a suggested textbook, but you won’t have to sit for lectures or write essays. You can prepare for the final exam at your own pace, and your credit for the class will be based on how well you can demonstrate your retention of the material during the exam. When you’re ready, you’ll pay a small fee — 75 percent less than the standard CSU Global tuition — for the final assessment.
  • Stackable Credentials — getting a full four-year degree can be daunting, both from the amount of time it will take and the expense. That’s why CSU Global offers stackable credentials that allow you to advance your career now while still working toward your long-term goals.

Let’s say you want a career in IT Project Management. You can start with a simple 18-credit certificate in IT Operations, followed by certificates in Computer Programming and Networking. By the time you’re ready to pursue a bachelor’s degree in project management, your certificate credits will stack to give you a 54-credit head start! 

Discounted Course Materials

Through the CSU Global library, and within courses, students have free access to and other academic and industry resources. To help save on the often-enormous cost of books, many of our courses use open-source textbooks or low-cost textbooks. 

These include the Open Textbook Network (OTN), which provides students and faculty access to open texts, and Redshelf, which provides access to affordable e-books. Redshelf allows students to take notes, highlight sections of text for reference, and use other study tools within the platform. All of these tools and partnerships help keep your textbook costs low — standard textbooks can cost $200 to $400 for individual copies!

At CSU Global, we are unwavering in our dedication to help our students achieve professional success, no matter what the demands of today’s employers are. We’re focused on affordability, accessibility, and quality for the education we provide — helping you in your academic ventures and beyond.