CSU Global’s Personalized and Affordable Pathways for Student Success

By CSU Global - December 17th, 2018


CSU Global was established over 10 years ago with a total commitment to student success — a mission to provide an online learning experience that would be affordable and accessible to nontraditional learners. Today, we continue on our mission to offer high-quality and career-relevant education to modern learners, in a way that’s affordable and can be adapted to our students’ unique lifestyles and career goals.

How does CSU Global provide a cost-effective yet high-quality educational experience to modern learners? Strategically. We do it through by constantly evolving, seeking out, and evaluating how we offer educational programs, to give our students the greatest return on investment for their careers.

Affordable tuition. We have not raised tuition rates in more than seven years — this long of a tuition freeze is uncommon in comparison to that of many universities, which continue to raise their tuition rates annually. Plus, our in-state and out-of-state tuition is the same, at rates of $350 per undergraduate credit hour and $500 per graduate credit hour. Our Tuition Guarantee means that students’ tuition rates are “locked in” from the time of enrollment through graduation.

Customizable pathways to course, certificate, and degree completion. Whether you decide to start taking courses in a certification, or are focused on achieving a degree, CSU Global’s program offerings allow you to personalize your approach to education.

  • Alternative credit options – CSU Global can accept alternative credits from Information Technology certifications, military experience, and various credit by exam options.
  • Prior Learning Assessments – This allows you to earn credits by demonstrating previous professional and life experiences through a portfolio of work you create, in accordance with program guidelines.
  • Self Study Assessments –  You’ll take a course without lectures or essay assignments, and will be offered a suggested textbook and study materials for the courses you choose. Preparation for the assessment is self-paced, and you earn credit with a final assessment in which you demonstrate understanding of the material. These assessments cost 75 percent less than the already low-cost CSU Global tuition rate.

Discounted Course Materials. Through the CSU Global library, and within courses, students have free access to Lynda.com and other academic and industry resources. Additionally, many courses use open-educational resources and low-cost textbooks. These include the Open Textbook Network (OTN), which provides students and faculty access to open texts, and Redshelf, which provides access to affordable e-books. Redshelf allows students to take notes, highlight sections of text for reference, and use other study tools within the platform. All of these tools and partnerships help keep your textbook costs lower than average.

At CSU Global, we are unwavering in our dedication to help bridge the gap between employer demand and students’ professional success in tomorrow’s jobs. We are focused on affordability, accessibility, and quality for the education we provide — so that students are able to succeed academically and in their careers.


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