Work-Life Balance

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Stress-Reduction Techniques That Take Less Than 5 Minutes

Career, family, relationships, commutes, bills, health, the news — it’s easy in our “always on” culture and busy lives to feel the effects of stress. But unchecked stress can easily become unmanageable and impact your physical, mental, and emotional health.  We’ve put together some easy, five-minute stress-reduction techniques that you can implement right away – …

5 Ways to Stay Motivated During Social Distancing

We’re living through challenging, unprecedented times. Social distancing has become the new norm, and many people are forced to work from home with children and/or spouses occupying the same spaces. In such a scenario, it may be difficult to stick to routines, stay motivated, and feel connected to friends and family. With all its difficulties, …

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The Importance of a Support System

Thank you to my husband Eric for all the love and support you gave me every single step of the way. I truly appreciate it and I couldn’t have done it without you. I would also like to say thank you to my four beautiful daughters. … Allowing me to step back and finish this …

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Using Your Job to Foster Goodwill in Your Community

Today’s workforce mostly comprises millennials, a generation that values charitable giving, volunteering, and social responsibility more than any other — and employers are taking notice.  While major corporations like Bank of America, Merck, and Deloitte have offered employee volunteer and giving programs for many years, companies of all sizes and industries are beginning to offer …

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How to Eliminate Distractions In the Summer

The sun is shining, the pool is calling, and you’ve got three invitations to barbecues this week. One tiny problem: You’ve got work to do. With the arrival of summer comes plenty of extra distractions, and it can be challenging to stay on task with work or school projects. But fear not! We’ve put together …


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