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College Success Tips from Our Students and Alumni

We know several ways to succeed in college, but who better to hear from than those who are making it work for them? On June 20th, we will have over 700 students participating in our graduation ceremony. This led us to wonder, “What advice would our students and alumni give to others who are just …

a complete guide on how to budget in college

A Guide on How to Budget in College

The idea of creating a college budget plan might make you groan. Whether you have financial aid helping you pay for college or not, you still want to be smart about your money and your monthly expenses. Knowing how to budget in college is necessary, and you might find it interesting to see where you’re …

Jay Pilot

A Brother in Arms and Education

Learn more about the dedicated staff members serving and supporting our students. This month’s staff spotlight is on SFC (Ret.) Jay Drake, our lead expert on all things military. Sergeant First Class (Ret.) Jay Drake is our Learning Solutions Manager who works primarily with those incoming students with a military background, whether currently or past. …

studying math online

Top 6 Tips for Success in an Online Math Class

This is a guest blog post from our partner Straighterline and their blog. It is written by Math Professor Dan Gryboski. Straighterline is a great resource for students who need more credits to transfer in to CSU Global. Has it been years since you’ve taken a math course? Have you been anxious about going back …

new year new you with csu global

Eight New Year’s Resolutions for Students

If your New Year’s Resolution this year is to get a better education we’ve got some New Year’s Resolutions to add to that to help you achieve your goal. It’s that time of year, where we start to think of ways we can better ourselves and our future. If your goals involve finishing your degree, …


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