Richard Berger Apple Valley California

Come for the Credentials, Stay for the Success

CSU Global alumnus Richard Berger’s story is one that is all too familiar: He was a dedicated, hardworking employee until he was unceremoniously laid off in his late 40s. He found himself competing with people half his age for lower-paying jobs simply because he lacked a degree.

kid learning remote

Remote Learning for the Family Leads to Life Lessons

Watching my middle-school-aged children switch from in-person to remote learning early during the COVID-19 pandemic inspired me to resume the master’s degree I set aside when I changed jobs more than a year ago. Little did I know that having all of us attend school online presented opportunities to cultivate some life lessons along the …


Learning the Ropes and Digging for Clues

If you ever consider fudging some numbers on an insurance claim—think again. Insurance companies have entire teams of highly trained professionals whose sole job is to identify fraud.


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