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5 Tips on Making a Career Change

Have you been considering a career change? If you’re unfulfilled at your job, burnt out by your industry, or interested in exploring a new field, you’re not alone — Americans change careers an average of five to seven times over the course of their working life (and that number may be low, according to many …

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Using Your Job to Foster Goodwill in Your Community

Today’s workforce mostly comprises millennials, a generation that values charitable giving, volunteering, and social responsibility more than any other — and employers are taking notice.  While major corporations like Bank of America, Merck, and Deloitte have offered employee volunteer and giving programs for many years, companies of all sizes and industries are beginning to offer …

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The Most Common Personality Traits In Successful People

Although you can’t exactly up and change your personality just to be successful, there are a few traits that you can recognize within yourself and nurture so that you’ll get into a better mindset for success. Many successful people have already recognized these traits within themselves and worked on them to get optimize their ability …

How to Stay Focused on School Over the Holidays

Your family is gathered around you, holiday music is playing softly through the speakers, and the week will be filled with festive activities. Just one problem: You’re stressed out because your study routine has been completely obliterated.  Staying focused on school over the holidays can feel challenging. Activities and obligations during this time of year, …

Why I Decided to Change Careers

I wasn’t a very strong student, coming out of high school. I didn’t even graduate. I did manage to obtain a GED when I was 19, but at that point in my life, job prospects were dim. So I started washing dishes. It was hard work that paid crummy, but in the end, I was …


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