tips for a phone interview

How to Ace That Dreaded Phone Interview

Phone interviews can be scary.  How do you approach this intimidating situation and turn it to your advantage? How do you convey your value without meeting your potential employer face to face?  It’s not a situation in which all applicants thrive, but the good news is that there’s a lot you can do to tip …

how to dress for an interview

How to Dress for an Interview

You may have the answers to the tough questions. You may have the right degree. You may even know you’re the right person for the job. But if you don’t dress appropriately, you may not find yourself getting a call back.  Here’s Lillian Kafka to walk you through the all-important practice of looking the part. There’s a …

5 Benefits of Continuing Education

For many, the benefits of continuing education are clear, but others may question the value of returning to the classroom. If you’ve ever had the same question yourself, here are five important ways that continuing education could benefit you, and how organizations as a whole can benefit from employees that know the value themselves. Increased Job …

Careers in Criminal Justice

Giving the Gift of Education

By earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration and Management, Gift of Education Scholarship winner Jami Nelson will be able to continue her career within the healthcare industry. Education isn’t just about receiving a diploma; it is about achieving goals, overcoming obstacles, and bettering ourselves and those around us. At CSU Global, we work to …

qualities of a great manager

Qualities of a Great Manager in a Changing World

In addition to the traditional challenges of leading teams, today’s managers are facing emerging trends that are changing the way they operate. Disruptions and changes in the global marketplace are forcing leaders to take a new approach in various realms in order to help their organizations stay nimble and competitive. Whether young or old, good …


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