lego social media career path

Building a Social Media Strategy: Lessons From LEGO

CSU Global hosted James Gregson, Digital Creative Director, Americas at LEGO, to learn about the path that led to him to his role with the creative powerhouse. View the presentation to learn about finding purpose, creativity, and building a social media strategy for any channel.

laughter at work

Improve Team Morale With a Good Laugh

There’s no denying that the last year has been unusually stressful. People have lost their jobs, are worried about their health and that of their loved ones, and completely changed their lifestyles to work and study from home. To help lighten the mood a bit, we’re celebrating National Laugh at Work Week this April 1-7. …

Richard Berger Apple Valley California

Come for the Credentials, Stay for the Success

CSU Global alumnus Richard Berger’s story is one that is all too familiar: He was a dedicated, hardworking employee until he was unceremoniously laid off in his late 40s. He found himself competing with people half his age for lower-paying jobs simply because he lacked a degree.


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